PEScience Select Protein Bar Brings THICC Taste and Texture

PEScience Select Protein Bar Brings THICC Taste and Texture


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PEScience has been a long-time favorite of PricePlow. It’s hard not to love a company that relies on actual data for their formulations. It’s also much harder to hate a company that puts out some of the most delicious-tasting protein products on the market, like the extremely clean but still… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Anybody else here in the forums besides me tried these yet? I just had the Chocolate PB today and loved it even more than the White Chocolate Raspberry. Loved the smell, the texture, and the taste lingered well after crushing that bar. Gotta say I enjoyed these very much even over ONE Bars.


9g of sugar alcohols just like the old one bars absolutely destroyed my stomach. I know if I had 1 of them it would probably put my stomach in a rut. I don’t like the inclusion of the corn fiber either. If i got a sample I may try one, but I bet my bathroom will be hating me later.


Damn, I thought these were gonna be a bust and now i’m mad I didn’t grab 'em on sale.


I feel ya on the sugar alcohols which is why I limited them to one a day but haven’t felt any GI distress from either flavor as of yet.