Perfect Sports "Creed" Whey Isolate Review

Alright PricePlow nation… I’ve made reviews and supported products but I’ve found something new you all want to try if you can. Something unique. Something delicious and clean. The best part is, it’s from a brand I have never tried until today. For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, let me introduce you to Perfect Sports!

Who is Perfect Sports?

Perfect Sports is a Canadian based supplement company. Their product offering isn’t as robust as some other companies, but what skus they do offer are phenomenal and worth trying. Perfect Sports has some great protein options including a New Zealand grassfed whey isolate, called Diesel. The Creed is still a whey protein isolate, but the difference between it an Diesel is that it is not used with grassfed New Zealand Whey. The company has some great Fat Burner and Nootropic options, along with a few other standard skus.

Perfect Sports has some crazy flavors for their protein isolate “Creed,” including: Cocoa Caramel, Maple Waffle, S’mores Sensation, Vanilla Cupcake, Triple Rich Dark Chocolate, and Mochaccino. For Diesel, the protein flavors are similar to Creed, but there is a Chocolate Banana flavor called “Chocolate Monkey.” I tested this flavor too and will have another review post up shortly.

The star of this review is Creed, a whey isolate with 26g of protein, 2g of carbs and 1g of fat - which offers competitive macros for an isolate. What separates Creed from the pack, is Perfect Sports processes its whey at 4 degrees Celsius, to ensure the bioavailability of the protein molecules are not denatured. This is common with protein that is processed via Ion-Exchange or protein processed at high temperatures.

As we know, protein cooked or processed at high temperature can denature the amino acids and “kill” some of their molecular integrity. The cold filtration process ensures the amino ratio remains as it was when the whey was collected, giving us a true and genuine protein quality. This way, when the label states you get 26g of protein, you can be confident you’re truly getting 26g of protein. It likely goes without saying, but Creed is lactose free, gluten free, and soy/nut free.

Creed exclusively utilizes the natural sweetener, Stevia. You wouldn’t guess it though, because Creed tastes incredible. I was fairly amazed by how impressed I was from the first sip. Normally it takes me time to warm up to a new flavor - but Creed was great from the get-go.

Right off the bat, Creed hits you in the nose with a strong cocoa scent. It’s an overpowering and rich chocolate that makes you feel like you’re standing over a chocolate cake, but there is a hint of that altered chemical smell. It’s not bad nor does it affect the experience while sipping the shake, but it should be noted.

The taste is so unique. I imagined the caramel of a Twix candy bar combined with a bold molten cocoa when I drank this flavor… the sweetness is so prevalent that there is no bitterness I could notice from the Stevia. This is odd, because most stevia sweetened products will have a bitter sweet kick aftertaste.

All in all, the rich cocoa compliments the sweet caramel tones and makes this isolate one of the most flavorful isolates I have ever had. I would rank this flavor alongside Xtend Chocolate Lava Cake, as my favorite chocolate based isolates.

Creed mixes incredibly well. No blender ball and 5 strong shakes with the recommend water dosage (1/2 cup for 1 scoop). I used 1.5 scoops and 9oz of water, which is higher than the recommended water dose. I was pleasantly surprised how flavorful the shake was for using an additional 1-2 oz of water, above the recommended dose. This tells me it would taste even better at the right liquid to powder ratio.

No clumps and no chunks, and no sticky pieces to the side of the shaker cup. I tried it again with almond milk and as you may imagine, it tasted significantly better and creamier. For a chocolate-caramel flavor, the creamier texture really drives home the flavor that Perfect Sports was going for.

Bonus Point:
Additionally, all of the companies products have a plastic sealed tub. I’ve never seen a company do this with supplements. Notice the torn off plastic seal… this is quality control to the max. No broken seals and no risk of contamination.

Take Home:
All in all, if you love deep chocolate flavors and have a sweet tooth, this is the protein you have to try! I’m very impressed when a new company can step up and deliver a one of a kind experience. Perfect Sports took a shot at saturated market and hit a homerun with Creed. This is absolutely approved by me and I can’t wait to try the S’Mores Sensation and Maple flavors.


Only available online or did you find it in a local store?

Also, this basically seems like NutraBio Grass-Fed Whey Isolate but with more flavor options.

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It tastes MUCH better than NutraBio in my opinion. I’ve never enjoyed NutraBio proteins because I prefer sweeter flavor. This one is top of the line for a pure isolate and a great label… Xtend Pro is still my favorite, but I’ll need to try the S’mores and Maple flavors to see if they are as good as cocoa caramel.


Yeah, I was impressed with that Xtend Pro chocolate. I want to try the vanilla next. MTS mint cookies and cream is awesome too.

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MTS gives me stomach discomfort- I can’t tolerate whey concentrate very well. But agreed, it tastes great!

same, i really liked the flavoring of the 5 or 6 MTS samples I had, but stuff did a number on my stomach (and that’s rare).

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Yah. I mean, I get the macros are a tad higher to make it taste better - but who cares if it makes me feel like crud.

I would kind of hope so considering the extra fillers added (26g of protein in a 35g scoop vs. 25g of protein in a 30g scoop).

Maybe one of NutraBio’s weekly new releases will be an improved flavor for their Grass-Fed Isolate.


That’s a great point that I didn’t address. Good catch!

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Hey man, have you tried the new Grass Fed Matcha Latte? It’s unique and I really like it.

But as far as us coming out with new flavors for Our Grass Fed Isolate, we don’t have anything planned as of now. But Mark may change his mind.

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I have not - and as always, I’ll never judge any flavor of any product until I’ve tried it. :slight_smile:

I’ll get online and grab a sample and give you my 2 cents.

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Awesome, yeah let me know what you think🙌

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