P2N Peak Performance: Amazon's Own Sports Nutrition Supplements

Originally published at: P2N Peak Performance: Amazon’s Own Sports Nutrition Supplements

Everyone knew it would eventually happen, and the day has finally come. Amazon now has their own sports nutrition supplement brand. Amazon has launched its first private label brand in the sports nutrition supplement industry with P2N Peak Performance Nutrition. (We’re naming it “P2N by Amazon” in our system). Amazon… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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Perhaps the worst preworkout I’ve seen in awhile


I don’t see that preworkout having any staying power, its worse then 6 star’s and c4, being more expensive then the former and lacking the nitrates or stims of the later.
The post workout looks alright depending on how you look at it, as does the creatine.

The fat burner is very “bodybuilding.com” and looks very cautious with the stimulants, which it does have a decent dose of, but I am guessing its going to be the worst of both worlds, being too much for the normies and too little for the protojunkies

Overall this looks like a brand competing with 6 star nutrition with about the same level of formulation

Best product is the creatine, worst is the preworkout and bcaa capsules


You would think if they were to get into the supplement industry they would do it right. These products are just pitiful. Who would buy these? I guess the average consumer that isn’t very familiar with quality companies.


The PWO is shit, but I really don’t mind a lot of these. The creatine product especially is quite nice for the price, and the fatburner is a damn decent budget option, far and above Hydroxycut.


The products are cheap, really cheap. People will buy this, crap formula or not.


Lucrative move for them

Take a look at the number of people that sign up for gym memberships each year - Now compare that number to those that actually go. I would expect Amazon will do well - they have a captive audience and won’t be playing to a supplement-educated audience.

Just like I stated on the amazon bb.com article, this is closer to a monopoly and going farther away from capitalism.

Amazon operated in the red for years and years, and they can do the same thing in supplements in order take over the space. Amazon has the ability to keep shoving their low quality products in front of consumers far longer than these companies can stay solvent. It’s happening to bb.com, and it will happen to many of these brands as well.

Most consumers are not informed and there is no way a good brand will be able to compete with a $17 2-lb protein in the long haul. There is a high likelihood that more cheap brands are going to emerge in attempt to compete while amazon puts quality brands out of business.

And the middle class… continues to diminish… and the 1 percenters continue to grow.

People should simply educate themselves and not buy inferior products or create a company that can compete

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