Outbreak Nutrition SERUM: Your Stim-Free Skull-Crusher

Outbreak Nutrition SERUM: Your Stim-Free Skull-Crusher


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It’s a stimulant-free pre workout supplement for the end-times, and it’s CJ-approved and then some! Yes, we enjoy the apocalyptic branding, but we enjoy the formulas even more. Take a look at this beast in Outbreak Nutrition’s SERUM below! Who doesn’t love a good pump product? They’re great for everything… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Sounds like a great product…

But if it is the ‘end of times’ wouldn’t you want stims? Not a Walking Dead guy…but…


KNO3 and Nitro need to at least double. But at least they didn’t add that glycerol garbage and have Vaso-6 and 4g of l-Citrulline


Pretty expensive as is, so that might up the price. However, what you’re suggesting would indeed be great, but don’t underestimate Vaso6, just that by itself borders on disgusting pumps. I occasionally just use 400mg of it and get better pumps than fully loaded pre’s


Did you just steal my comment?


Well I always want stims, even before bed, so I’m the wrong person to ask.

I suppose this situation is the truly apocalyptic disaster where all stimulants have been used already, and coffee bean plants and all other stimulatory plants are long since extinct


Yes this. Where you get standalone VASO-6?


Got a friend working in a supplement company and he asked me to reformulate their pre so I contacted compound solutions, told them I was working on a pre and they sent some @Mike could probably send some your way if you want


Would for sure take a couple 300mg doses!!


Just let me know where to send it!