Opinions on Alpha yohimbine?(With poll)

Opinions on Alpha yohimbine?(With poll)


What is the your opinion of alpha yohimbine? Vote in the poll below and/or give your thoughts.

  • Yes I love it
  • Its good
  • I don’t mind it either way
  • I dislike it
  • I hate it
  • I can’t handle it at all
  • Never tried it

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Voted for seemingly contradictory options because, at the right dose or with the right formula, the aggression is so good, but usually, it’s just cold sweats and a feverish feeling.


It’s fine with me whether in a preworkout or standalone.


Not a lot of literature on rauwolscine. Anecdotally, I like it


I think it’s good, sometimes I get an increase in libido from it, don’t if anyone else has experienced that


First poll I’ve seen done here, good job


I just added this to my arsenal. So far, I haven’t noticed a thing.


I like it. If I consume a PWO with it on an empty stomach I will get the cold sweats, but not the debilitating nausea that some get with it.


I’ve only had it in preworkouts. Because I workout early in the morning, that’s when it’s most effective. I have an active job so the negative side effects wouldn’t hit me the same unless I fail to hydrate.


What’s the benefit of Alpha Y? Never tried it myself


I believe stimulant effects, as well as fat-burning capabilities


Its very similar to normal yohimbe but a slightly different targeting of alpha receptors.

Main thing is an aggressive feeling, and its properties as a fatburner(blocking alpha receptors which can increase fat loss in some areas, and making beta receptor targeting fatburners work more effectively)


I like it at the lowest dose possible.

Just enough = feeling of warmth/easier to warm up, get blood flow/sweat

Just a tad bit over minimum = anxiety, jitters, cold sweats, nausea


Mega Arez dose or like a 1g dose?


Very few pre workouts use more than 2.5mg of yohimbine whether alpha, hcl etc


Pretty sure a 1g dose would kill me


Most likely it would, but my bad, meant 1mg.