Onnit Alpha Brain – Overrated Cognitive Booster for Beginners?

Onnit is one of the most recognized brands in fitness, due to its growth among the CrossFit, Paleo, and holistic fitness crowds, and sponsorship from some heavy hitters like Joe Rogan, Gary Vaynerchuk, Bode Miller, NHL star Jonathan Toews, and more. The brand has launched numerous products to optimize human …
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I have been using Alpha Brain on and off for a while now. Most recently on…and I can tell you that I do feel good and have never slept better. Dreams are a little strange (in one Robert was powerlifting- ok I made that part up).

Put this in the ‘what works for some may not work for others category’ because Alpha Brain has always worked for me. I’m a fan of both Alpha Brain and Nootropimax (the spelling on that always kills me) currently.

You may now return to your regular programming.

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Glad to hear. And good news, we’re gonna have some samples soon!!!

Anastasis Konnect, that is all

And not that you asked…But I take two in the morning after breakfast…on days I’m training in in the morning (read: Taking a pre-workout)…I’ll take 2 in the PM if at all.

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She’s a porn star right?

Cool website

Lmaooooo, no sirrr, but I’m not saying I don’t know what you’re talking about either

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my coach works with Onnit and raves about the product

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I do like them. Expensive…but they not only work with Joe DeFranco but with Exos Performance…Good stuff.

I’m a big fan of joe rogan

You know people love him - I never really followed him. I guess I should.

Beef…are there PreExtreme V5 samples available? Asking for a friend. And thank you.

yeah man, any sample since september has been V5. Inbox me the address

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You are a scholar and an athlete. Thank you.

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Been meaning to try the Extreme version. Love PWO carbs. Any chance I can get in on that action?

Funny thing is I avoided carbs during workouts for a long time…(and I’ve never had a problem with carbs) but once I started using Carbs during my workouts I haven’t stopped.

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Exact same situation here!

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Will the Blue Raspberry Flavor be available for the Pre Extreme anytime soon?

Interesting comparison here. I do like Legion Athletics - and you’ll be interested to know that they also posted a comparison to Pre-Jym and C4…Gotta love competition:

Here is their Nootropic vs. Alpha-Brain - from their perspective of course (Dear God where is Robert when you need him? Oh, wait he’s lifting? Ok I’ll wait):