Olympus Labs NO MERCY Stim-Free Pump Assault Unveiled

Olympus Labs NO MERCY Stim-Free Pump Assault Unveiled


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The legendary Ben Kane at Olympus Labs dropped us with this magnificently-labeled, stimulant-free beast: Olympus Labs has re-branded its website and social media and website, but we haven’t seen a tub like this! Wow! Olympus Labs No Mercy - Deals and Price Drop AlertsGet Price AlertsGet No Mercy Price AlertsGet… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Very cool label-- both formula-wise and aesthetically.

OL is very hit or miss with me; i love their innovation, but sometimes it’s ambitious to the point of just not really doing anything. Like topical laxogenin.

Would love to try their sleep aid.


They discontinued Amnesia


Oh. Well.

@Nappy_Nerd think you could get me a leftover bottle on the DL if they still have a stock? :shushing_face:


That is from what i got off AM where they told us Assassinate is DC’d too


Of Amnesia?


Damn! Assass1nate too?


The reps posted that on AM Boards.

Can’t seem to find Amnesia?

It’s out of stock and been discontinued

When asked about assassinate
" Still in stock but on the chopping block as well !"


Yeah, but sounds like it’s out of stock anyway :frowning:


Hmmm, they have something up their sleeves. We shall see what happens


Amnes1a is being reformulated. I love Amnes1a and it was a staple for me, I used it pretty much every night and really only ever needed to half-dose it. But the new sleep aid will be even better.