Olympus Labs New Protein Bars

Got a beta-sample of the new Olympus Labs Protein bars coming out soon!


Niiiiice. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

I like those macros, I always appreciate when a protein bar has a good bit of fat. Good for the texture, and good for my tummy. :wink:

Looks like they chased after FitCrunch on those macros.

My kind of macro bar. I want

Olympus Labs Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar Review


Peanut Butter - Upon opening the wrapper it looks like a chocolate-coated protein bar with a peanut butter drizzle, crushed up nuts, a layer of filling and the peanut butter base. The outer shell has mild and dull chocolate flavoring. The chocolate is actually the least dominant flavor in the protein bar. The peanut butter drizzle is hardly noticed because the nuts provide so much saltiness and crunch to the top layer. The peanut butter base is dry and does not provide a strong creamy peanut butter flavor. I was hoping for a stronger and creamier peanut butter flavor, but it never came through the more I ate the bar. The protein bar is dominated by the nutty flavoring provided by the crushed up nuts on top and the chocolate and peanut butter and lost in the mix. Olympus Labs did a great job with the top coating of the bar (Crushed nuts), but I never found a good peanut butter or chocolate flavor .The peanut butter seemed chalky and the chocolate was hard to pick up.


The protein bars from Olympus labs are large (almost 90g) in weight, and they have a similar texture to a FitCrunch. You are presented with a rich outer coating and a very soft center on the inside. The crushed up nuts on the outside help enhance the crunch in the bar. Even right out of the wrapper the inside resembles a brownie like consistency. For those who like Fit Crunch, Nitro-Tech Crunch, Combat Crunch, or MyBar’s this is very similar to all of those bars in Texture. I personally like these the best because they give you the best of both worlds chewy & crunchy.


Since this is a beta test the only thing I can comment on is the macros on the wrapper
Calories - 350
Protein – 30g
Carbs –33g
Fat – 16g
Fiber – 2g
Sugar – 4g

What you are presented with is a MRP type protein bar. Again these resemble FtiCrunch in macros with the higher fat and carbohydrate intake. What is nice is a whopping 30g of protein where most bars are falling in the 20g range.

Knowing Olympus labs the formula will be top notch as they are a company who thinks outside the box.


I do not have any information on pricing for these bars, but if you know OL they have a lot of 50% off sales and great intro sales. I would keep my eye out when these launch to get them at a very affordable price.