Olympus Labs KingsBlood

The Folks over at Olympus Labs sent me two bottles to try.
Will update with what I think along the way

Olympus Labs KingsBlood

What is it?

Olympus Labs Kingsblood is the evolution of hormonal optimization. Featuring clinical doses of the most powerful ingredients on the market today,

Olympus Labs’ revamped Kingsblood aims to be a powerful muscle building supplement formulated to boost testosterone, enhance body composition, support cortisol, improve vitality and virility, and elevate performance.

Kingsblood is not a mere testosterone booster. It is a comprehensive powerhouse that targets multiple scientifically established pathways to deliver the ultimate boost to virility and vitality. Featuring proven ingredients that work synergistically to deliver the ultimate results!

The first Kingsblood was introduced in October of 2016, and the revamped version was released in July of 2020.

What to Expect?

  • Lower cortisol

  • Improved strength

  • Improved body composition

  • Improve gym performance

  • Reduce Fatigue and improve mood


Olympus Labs recommends taking 2 capsules twice daily with or without meals, or 4 capsules with the largest meal of the day.

** Use for 8-12 weeks, then cycle off for 4-8 weeks


Horny Goat Weed – 1000mg

        - Improve blood flow

        - Horny Goat Weed also has evidence suggesting that it could help improve testosterone levels. Especially LSH and FH.

Ashwagandha Extract – 600mg

  • Used traditionally for cortisol and stress reduction

  • Research suggests increases in muscle mass and strength; Possible increases in ATP

Fenugreek Extract – 500mg

        - Fenugreek extract supplementation is effective at increasing libido and testosterone levels

        - Improving glucose tolerance, decreasing fasting blood glucose levels, and positively affecting lipid profiles by lowering triglycerides, and total serum cholesterol

Tongkat Ali – 300mg

        - Improve energy and libido as well as inducing the release of testosterone

        - Reduction of stress

        - Improve athletic performance, memory, and blood flow

Purified Shiajit Extract – 200mg

        - Increase endurance and athletic performance.
  • It has been found to increase total & free testosterone

Boron – 6mg

        - Boron has been shown to assist in increasing levels of Vitamin D, DHEA and both Total and Free Testosterone.

Additional information:

  • Kingsblood uses the most effective ingredients and highest quality extracts at clinical doses so you see results

  • Better absorption so you feel the difference

  • Kingsblood covers over 6 pathways to enhance hormonal balance and improve strength

  • Ingredients that work synergistically to promote the largest possible boost in testosterone!

  • Fully transparent label so you know exactly what you are getting


used it… interested to hear your thoughts


Been curious about this one for a while. Test boosters to me make me skeptical but I have also been injecting test 100mg a week since last Nov so I know that works. Getting old is bullshit lol

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I’m a young 41 :slight_smile:


You used the new formula?

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I hit the big 41 in 6 days

Some more info

Current Nutrition
~2500 Calories daily
1x Cheat Meal/Week


Pain and Suffering - John Meadows. I will be running the same program as @DaSlaya which I kicked off this week

Yesterday Legs:

Lying Leg Curl
170 x 10 --> 140 x 10 --> 100 x 10 + 25 Partials

Stiff Leg Deadlifts:
275 x 8 --> 225 x 10 --> 135 x 20

Leg Press:
1 Plate/Side x 10 --> keep adding plates and getting 10 reps to failure

Smith Machine Squat 1.5 Reps:
Topset of 10 Reps.

Leg Extension:
1 Topset of 12


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Old version

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Chest/Shoulders for later today:

Flat DB Twist Press --> 3 sets of 10 with 65’s
Incline DB Bench --> Work up to a topset of 8 --> 110 x 8
Stretch Push-Ups --> 2 Sets to failure (~50 Each)
Rear Delt DB Laterals --> 15’s x 20 x 3 Sets
BB Front Raise --> 65 x 12 x 3 Sets
Partial Lateral Raises: I did this on a HS machine 80 x 20 x 3 Sets


DB Rows: 80’s x 10 (complete pause on ground after each rep) x 3 Sets
Low Cable Rows: 110 x 12 (3 Sets)
DB Pullover: 65DB x 12 (3 Sets)
Narrow Grip Chin-Ups: 2 Sets to Failure
DB Shrugs: 125’s x 12 (1 Set)
Banded Hyperextensions: Double Dropset to Failure.

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The last 2 days have been rest days.
Just super busy with work, and packed up 13 boxes of baked goods to ship out today.

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EZ Bar Curls --> 5 Sets of 10 with 10 seconds rest
– Superset –
Tricep Pressdown --> 5 Sets of 10 with 10 seconds rest

Rope Hammer Curls --> 5 Sets of 10 with 10-second rest
(I Pull these close to my ears for full bicep engagement)
– Superset –
Overhead tricep extension --> 5 sets of 10 with 10-second rest

EZ Bar Preacher Curl’s: --> 2 Sets of 10 (Very slow eccentric, pause, and explode up)
Focus on pulling through your palm and taking tension off the forearm

Lying Kettlebell tricep extension (Think skull crushers but with KB’s) --> 2 Sets of 10

Finishing up Week 1 tomorrow. I tweaked my left knee (which I tore the MCL in during HS football) whenever the weather turns and gets colder it has locked up on me a few times. Hoping it heals up tomorrow for legs, if not I will do an alternative Chest/Back Session.
Hammer Curl’s (All the way up to ears, flex, and slow eccentric) --> 5 Sets of 10 with 10-second rest

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Chest & Back

Db Flat Bench --> Topset of 120’s x 6
Hammer Strength Fly --> 110 x 12, 7, 5 Rest Pause
Stretch Push-Ups --> 2 Sets to Failure (98 total reps with 1 minute rest beween sets)

HS Low Row (lean into pad to prevent momentum): 110 x 12, 7, 5 Rest-Pause
Single Arm Lat-PullDown --> 35 Each Hand x 10 (Rotate hands to failure)
** I do these one arm at a time, kneeling for a larger range of motion **
** I pull down about 2 inches on the opposite arm to keep constant tension on the opposite lat**
Banded HyperExtensions --> 3 Sets to complete failure

  • Wrap a band around your neck, go to failure, drop the band, and go to failure again *

Chest & Shoulders:

DB Flat:
80’s x 15
90’s x 12
100’s x 10
105’s x 9

DB Decline:
80’s x 15
90’s x 10
100’s x 8 (2 Sets)

DB Incline
70 x 15
80 x 10
90 x 8

Cable Crossover:
20 Each hand x 25

DB Laterals:
30’s x 8 (5 Sets)
30 Second Rest

Rear Delt Cable Flies
5 Each Hand x 25 (3 Sets)

Single Arm Low Cable Row:
35 Each hand x 8 (3 Sets)

DB Pullover:
65 x 12 (3 Sets)

DB Row:
80 x 10, 7, 4 (Rest Pause)

Partial Chins:
BW x 15 (3 Sets)

HS Low Row:
70 x 10 --> 85 x 10 --> 100 x Failure



Rope Pressdown - 10 Reps
Bent over rope Extension - 12 Reps
Close Grip Dips - Failure
Repeat x 3

DB Lying Skullcrushers --> 40’s x 10 (3 Sets)

Tri-Set for Biceps
EZ bar Curl -> 2 Sets of 10, 1 Rest Pause Set
EZ Bar Preacher Curl --> 2 Sets of 10, 1 Rest Pause Set
Hammer Curls --> 2 Sets of 10, 1 Rest Pause Set

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Lying Leg Curl: 125 x 15 (3 Sets)
Feet Together

Leg Extension:
100 x 20 (2 Second Hold after each rep)
110 x 12 (3 Second Hold after each rep)
120 x 6 (5 Second Hold after each rep)
20 Second quad stretch between sets

135 x 10
185 x 10
225 x 10
245 x 10
275 x 10

Leg Press:
4 Plates/Side x 30
5 Plates/Side x 20
6 Plates/Side x 12

DB Stiff Leg Deadlifts:
100’s x 15 (2 Sets)


  • Strength and Recovery have been good

  • Body Comp has not improved IMO. I have been dealing with some digestion issues, which could be the root cause of this. I have kept calories the same just swapping food sources to try and find things to sit right. I may need to get a colonoscopy as I have been trying to battle this for months now and it hasn’t got much better. I have scheduled a doctor visit for as soon as possible to inquire about this.

  • Libido about the same

  • Stress/Anxiety - I am pretty chill, but with my health flaring up, and body comp getting worse it doesn’t really help in this department.


Hope those problems go away soon man!


Bloodwork Monday
Full lipids
A1C//Fasted Insulin
WBC, hematocrit , RBC

I absolutely hate bloodwork I hope I don’t pass out

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HS Pec Deck
110 x 12 (3 sets)
3:1:2:1 Tempo

DB Incline Bench:
100’s x 8 (3 Sets)

DB Decline Flat Bench:
90’s x 8 (3 Sets)
1 Second Flex

DB Side Laterals:
30’s x 12
30’s x 10
30’s x 8,4,2 (Rest Pause)

Braced DB Swings For Rear Delts (On incline Bench)
20’s x 30 (3 Sets)

DB Front Raise:
25’s x 12
Bring up to eye level