Old School Supplements

I am an old timer… 47 years and I have been at this game for quite some time. I always like to recall some of the supplements of old. Some of you might remember them but most probably won’t. If you aren’t 35 or older, probably wont…LOL

First one is from Joe Weider…It was Big. This was a protein/weight gainer. The chocolate malt flavor was incredible. It tasted so good, I could of drank the whole tub of it in one day easy. I wish they still made it.
Others are…

Hot Stuff - Not so good but had every supplement known at that time in it…LOL Supposed to have been a banana type flavor. They eventually came out with chocolate later on.
Gakic -It may be still sold, It was by MuscleTech. Never bought it because I knew it was a scam.
Ultimate Orange - The original formula with ephedrine in it. This stuff was no joke.
Egg Protein Powder -Used to be as many varieties of egg protein as their was whey.
Cybergenics - came with aminos and vitamins and a workout program. Very expensive and over priced for what you got.
Dibencozide - This was touted as the new incredible muscle builder. Never lived up to the hype.
Kre-Alkalyn - It was a buffered creatine. Came out years ago. Expensive and not worth the money. I believe this might still be available.

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I also remember Muscle-Tech making an energy cola. I loved these things. They came in 3 flavors… cola, cherry cola, and lemon-lime. They were the first energy drinks probably. CJ would of liked them.


I recall a few of those (I’m 49). Kre-Alkalyn is still readily available from EFX Sports and a few other companies.

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I believe I saw it at a GNC once, it made me smile. It’s still all hype.

Haven’t heard or tried almost any of these supplement. All I can say is that the innovation and improvement in this industry is welcome. Definitely the wild west with a lot of these old products LOL

Yeah, its fun to recall the old ones from the past. A lot of fad products for sure. But I do miss that MuscleTech cola…LOL

I am pretty sure I have a container a Gakic with a few caps left in my parents basement somewhere…

Nice. That is golden…LOL

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Vanadyl Sulfate was another old school supplement that was supposed to be the next great muscle builder. Obviously wasn’t…LOL

Why not worth the money? It’s still out, I use EFX Sports Kre-Alkalyn. I got it super cheap like 240 capsule for $13 on https://www.campusprotein.com/ during summer, but I don’t think they have the deal anymore. I think the Kre-Alkalyn is worth it, doesn’t upset my stomach like regular creatine does :cry:

I swear they were coming back out with an Ultimate Orange again. I saw it somewhere. Not sure if it’s the same formula though

Never heard of those other products though

@Blueberry I think HTP came back with Ultimate Orange…looks like its Sold Out though

Isn’t kre-alk just mono with ash in it? I used it and it worked 5 years ago

Would the Og Jack3d and OEP count as OG now?


Ultimate Orange is back but without ephedrine so it won’t be the same.

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I didn’t get Hi-Tech’s strategy on this one. Normally what they do to replace ephedrine is to use DMAA + PEA alkaloids from senegalia or acacia. That’s a good replacement to kinda hit both ends of what ephedrine does. And it’s clearly worked, given the sales of their fat burner pills.

But with this one, they only used DMAA and no extra alkaloids, so there was less ‘pop’. Not sure why they went against their winning strategy.

Still a cool idea to bring a throwback product back.

Yes it is. I love it. I remember using the old formula quite a bit. There wasn’t a big selection of pre workouts back then like there are now so it was a staple for training.

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I used to use the powdered Gakic back in the day. I’d dry heave after I drank it without fail, but I did enjoy the effects at the time.


Yeah, thats how I still take my creatine. I just take a heaping teaspoon of creatine monohydrate and dump it in my mouth and chase it with powerade or my post workout shake. I don’t dry heave though…LOL

Cybergenics, lol that was my introduction into the world of supplements…

I’ve been seeing it around for sometime now that Kre-Alk is just creatine mono with soda ash, I’ll have to email the creator of EFX Sports about it. He usually replies and I’ll let you know about the findings. I still think for ME it’s better than the regular creatine monohydrate that upsets and bloats my stomach.

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