October Cellucor C4 Giveaway

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Fall is here and winter isn’t far off. What do you love or hate about colder weather coming in?
Does it affect your training and/or fitness goals?

Winner at the end of the week for a case of C4!

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I’m definitely a warm weather guy, but I don’t mind Fall. It can get pretty hot and humid here in Cincinnati. Fall provides a nice relief, mosquitos go away. But I hate winter. My kids are always sick. We’re stuck inside. And unfortunately this winter might be even more brutal with Covid. Kids won’t be able to play with friends.

Colder weather is time for less cardio, more strength training, and loosening the belt one notch - that is until after family Christmas pics at the end of the month.

Thanks for the promo!

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Here in California, I’m looking forward to the cooler weather to help with the wildfires that are burning all over the state. Get those out and our air quality will greatly improve.

As for fitness, I am hoping the fall/winter season will come with our gyms actually being able to open up again.

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Cannot stand the cold personally, so Pennsylvania is not the ideal state for me I must say.

I’ll be putting the C4 (Corvette, not the drink) into storage for the winter and gutting the interior to redo everything and pretty her up.

Shouldn’t affect my training too much, especially if it’s like last winter and we only have a handful of days where it snows



Gyms still being closed sucks man! hopefully soon!!!

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Living in Texas I welcome the cooler weather
Means time to bust out the hoodies soon and time to say bye to the damn mosquitos

Finally got cleared by the doctor to return to gym
Can only do cardio and legs but I’m ok with that


The cold = football season, but I much prefer warmer weather…
It also means the continuation of garage workouts but in much cooler climates - and with more layers…

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Love C4 in for support as I consume a few a week!


Personally love winter, its much easier to put on a jacket then it is to stay cool in the summer, plus I tend to produce allot of body heat.

It gives me a chance to use up the grains of paradise supplements I have, so I’ll likely add that to my stack.

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Which variety and flavor is your go to C4 can?

My training routine just gets modified. More outside bike riding, more firewood cutting and travels south to play softball! And soon comes the time to spend days afield with friends harvesting wild protein (game). Exercise, friends and natural protein - great combination!

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I love the fall. I grew up and still live in the south, so September-October starts the time of the year where you can step outside and check the mail without your shirt sticking to you and your hair frizzing. Doesn’t usually change my fitness goals, but it feels so good out right now that I might actually start–

[looks around in both directions, leans in]

…doing cardio.


C4 Sour Batch Bro’s or Cherry Limeade or Orange slice = OG
C4 Smart Energy Sour Electric or Bombsicle

Just got me a sour batch bro case and Bombsicle smart energy with the recent 20% OFF at CP


I enjoy the fall, especially going to northern Michigan to golf. Colder weather actually makes me more inclined to workout because golf is over with and there’s not much to do outside. Michigan winter is a hit or miss, love the scenery and hate dealing with the traffic in metro Detroit area for work

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Also forgot to mention I am in NJ this weekend, so my client Kelsey got 2 cases too – Bombsicle and Peach

I just reposted it to my IG Story with her impression (10/10) for freedom.


Winner today!!!


In Texas, winter isn’t so bad - so fall and winter are my absolute favorite times of year. We can wear sweats to the gym and not sweat our balls off outside.

Weather is the best part for me, since we deal with the heat probably 7 out of the 12 months. Plus, winter is generally always my designated “bulking period.” Can’t cut during thanksgiving or Christmas - not enough discipline for me! Haha.

But definitely the next best part is being able to wear sweats and a jacket to train, and getting away with wearing that same outfit when I’m outside of the gym or house!


Winter won’t affect me anymore than this horrible spring and summer. Funny story. One winter, in the middle of a Blizzard to be, I took the bus to the gym. An hour or so later, it’s a full on storm.

The busses were packed to the point that I’m standing on they stairs of the bus awkwardly to fit in. I was on the verge of a broken leg, so I got off. The buses were super late so, a snow plow guy comes up and picks whoever wants to go with him- he’s riding the bus route to clear the way for coming busses. No one takes him up his offer accept me. I guess they thought something was suspect about him Picking people up.

He was funny though. We had a blast talking about random stuff. If only momentarily, I had a snow bro for the day. Hahah. Snow don’t stop anything


@Matt_Towson is out winner!!

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Thanks to everyone who entered!