Nutrition21 CertainT®: Be Definite About Your Dietary Supplement Ingredients

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Nutrition21 an industry leader in dietary supplement ingredient development and innovation! The supplement industry started the year out with a huge mess after a contract manufacturer was indicted following years of FDA violations. Regardless of what is parroted in the mainstream media, the supplement industry is heavily regulated, and the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

So this is a pretty cool development.

Not sure if you guys saw Crack, the preworkout in poland that supposedly had Nitrosigine and Vaso6 alongside DMAA, but this would help in a case like that. I brought it to Nutrition21 and CSI and they had to get to the bottom of it, which was a little scary to see the truth.

CMs are going to get caught for mixing non-trademarked/patented ingredients now. And I’m excited.