Nutrex Alpha Pump Review

Nutrex Alpha Pump Review

Nutrex Alpha Pump


Phantom Grape – The flavoring is refreshing, and not over the top sweet. The brand decided to make a bold tasting grape, which reminded me of Grape Kool-Aid Burst to go drinkables. I use to drink these non-stop a young kid when I was growing up. While this is not as dense as a Welch’s Grape Juice this still packs a ton of flavor to leave a very long-lasting and lingering aftertaste on your taste buds. Nutrex is known for great flavoring and this is yet another great addition to the lineup of supplements.


I mixed 1 scoop (8.8g) in 8oz of water. After 10-15 shakes this was dissolved. Due to the fact pump ingredients can cause clumping I did not pick up on any of that with the Nutrex product. I have used a lot of their Outlift pre-workouts in the past, and even with larger scoop sizes they mixed with ease


1g Peak02 (Increase V02 Max, Endurance, and Oxygen Uptake)

1g GlycerSize Glycerol Powder (Improved Pumps, Endurance, and Performance)

300mg NooGadha Organic Ashwagandha (Lower Cortisol, Improve Mood, Decrease Fatigue)

300mg Vaso6 Green Tea Extract (Improve Pumps, Blood Flow, and Nitric Oxide Abilities)

50mg S7 (Increase Nitric Oxide Production)

Natural Minerals Sodium & Potassium (Electrolytes for Hydration & Muscular Contractions)


$29.99 for 20 Servings ($1.50 / Serving). This product is still fresh off the press, so I expect the price to lower when it hits other additional retailers.


Exclusive flavor coming to the Block Party this weekend and Natural Body will be running 20% off everything so this is included.

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I thought it was the block party for the BR Exclusive, but did not want to jack up my review anymore then I already did :slight_smile:

How would you compare it to other products you’ve used?

Depends what you look for in a pump agent and what you respond best to. For every consumer that will be different.

For example some people want Nitrates or heavy doses of citrulline (VasoBlitz, High Volume, Nutrabio Stim Free, Quake Stim Free)
Some people want Vaso6 (Alpha Pump, Sparta Pump, SNS Vaso6)
Some people want to try new stuff like s7 (White Warped, SuperHuman, Upcoming Levels/No Mercy from OL)

I could list more, but you may also find people who favor Agmatine for a pump agent or in their pump products. The beauty of Alpha Pump is its flexibility on how it can be utilized with other non-stims for a further pump (Vasoblitz, High Volume) or with a Stim based pre such as Outlift, Fullblitz,White Warped, C4 Ultimate, Dymatize Pre, Isatori Morph etc… to give you the best of both worlds

I won’t be reviewing this until next week but I think what I like most about this is that it works as a nice standalone but can pair with most stim or well rounded pres to add more pump.

My problem with most pump products is you usually have some overlapping.

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Your last sentence is correct, and I am a huge advocate of Vasoblitz. When I look at both Alpha Pump and VasoBlitz I could take both to give me a stronger/larger pump because not one single ingredient overlaps

VasoBlitz = Heavy Citrulline , Nitrates, Betaine
Alpha Pump = Vaso6, S7, GlycerSize

Since Alpha Pump strives with a S7/Vaso6 Blend it will go really well with so many products hence why I said this is a very 'Flexible" product not only to the nutrex line, but also to many other brands.


Solid pump from
Workout #1

Totally agree- I’m still hesitant with S7 but I’m very impressed with the pumps alpha pump brings to the table.

did you stack it with anything today? I haven’t stacked yet.

So how does this work exactly…? Do you ask another guy to take your picture?

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Whenever I try a new product I like to run it solo. This way I can keep all factors the same (training, nutrition, cardio). Whenever you put things in a “Controlled” Environment and exclude any other products, ingredients, or formulas that can skew feedback it lets you know how potent that product is you are trying to log or review.

I eliminate stacking anything else so I can focus no that sole product without adding in X, Y, and Z. Doing so can vary feedback on the intended review. I found that to be the most honest way to review and log a product IMO.

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Completely understand this approach.

I would think that after having reviewed so many products, and trained as long as you have, that you would ‘just know’ if a product is helping your training.

Exactly why I said in my review I will update as I use the product since today was my first workout. It is much easier to give feedback on a stimulated product compared to a non-stim. Especially if a consumer varies their diet and training.

With non stims if your water, food, salt intake, sleep , or other life factors are off it could impact how the product works. As you know if you train fasted and take a pump prouct you wont have much sodium, carbs, or water in your body which could give you a much different experience when training fed. If you have a bad nights sleep it could affect your training, intensity, and pump achieved during a workout.

There are too many factors to just come to a conclusion right out of the gate. Hence why the video is mostly a breakdown on the formula and taste test. So far the first workout was good, and I am eager to see how I respond in the future.

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