NutraOne Protein Creations Review - Light Flavors

NutraOne Protein Creations Review - Light Flavors


We have a shop here in town that just started carrying these guys! I’m trying a sample out tomorrow. Pretty excited to see what these guys are about! @Mike @Extrabeef

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The clear tubs are unique.


Yeah they look like 2lb tubs but are a bit wider… and when you have em clear, you gotta fill em all the way up. They’re actually a dash over 3lbs.

Stuff don’t mess around. We have molasses as an ingredient coming up in the chocolate base flavors!!

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Tried the Caramel Cookie Crunch this morning in my oats. It’s pretty damn good!

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The S’mores is damn delicious, never had a protein with so many inclusions lol. Another one that was fantastic was the chocolate caramel peanut candy bar.