NutraBio WPI Breakfast Flavors Sample Packs Review/Thoughts

NutraBio WPI Breakfast Flavors Sample Packs Review/Thoughts

Again, thank you to the folks over at @NutraBio for sending these out.

First up is the blueberry muffin flavor. Mixed with six ounces (per the package instructions) of water in a blender bottle with no blender ball. Attached is a photo taken right after shaking for approximately ten seconds.

Only slight foaming occurred and some film was leftover on the sides of the shaker. That eventually made its way down when left to sit. No large clumps left over after mixing while not using a blender ball.

As for taste, not much to report here. Only the slightest of blueberry flavor was noticed over a standard vanilla or unflavored whey protein. The smell was actually more distinct than the flavor.

Easy to drink and no side effects or stomach discomfort when taken on an empty stomach. Overall, a top notch ingredient profile with peace of mind that no funny business is happening during manufacturing or with the macros but nothing to write home about when it comes to the flavor profile.


I would go 4oz… 6 oz is too much for an isolate and flavor IMO
That is where you will see the flavor shine a bit more… Again just what I have observed after trying a few samples.


Thank you. I’m just following the package instructions so I can give others (and the brand) an unaltered and consistent review. Others can change the variables as they see fit and the brand may need to adjust specifics if a large group of people have the same outcome following the given instructions.


Thanks man letting us know your thoughts. Defiantly a super clean flavor and as Bob said, also I have found that adding these proteins with cream of rice is killer. I love that meal/snack!

Appreciate it man :slight_smile:

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Next up is the cinnamon sugar doughnut flavor sample pack.

Mixed with the same amount of water in the same blender bottle without the blender ball. The mixed result is a carbon copy of the blueberry muffin flavor. Same amount of foam and same amount of film left on the sides of the shaker that eventually makes its way down.

The smell to me is a combination of cinnamon and a traditional coffee or doughnut shop (not a Starbucks or DD but of those Mom & Pop shops that are still hanging on). The taste was a creamy and smooth vanilla with a solid cinnamon flavor throughout the entire sip and not too sweet. I enjoyed this flavor more than the blueberry muffin and the pancakes & maple syrup flavor is coming up tonight.


Last flavor sample pack of the breakfast series…Pancakes & Maple Syrup

Everything was the same in terms of preparation and the end result is consistent across all three flavors which is not always the case with other brands.

The unmixed powder has a distinct and pleasant maple smell to it. Once mixed in water, the smell disappeared for me but carried over to the taste. Again, not an overpowering maple flavor but just enough to make the shake enjoyable.

My flavor ratings based on just using the sample packs as a shake with water:

  1. Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut
  2. Pancakes & Maple Syrup
  3. Blueberry Muffin

Thank you again to @NutraBio for running this giveaway on @PricePlow 's website. I’m sure your shipping department hates us when all these orders start stacking up for shipment :triumph:

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Awesome man, thanks for your thoughts and I think I’m with you on the the favorites of the three!

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