NutraBio Super Carb: Supreme Cluster Dextrin Workout Fuel

Every lifter and athlete alike is always looking for the next great supplement that promises better performance and results. More often than not these “magic elixirs” aren’t worth your time and day and just end up leaving you $30 to $50 in the hole. However, there is an incredibly effective …
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This is everyday, pre and post. Absolutely love Super Carb

No doubt. There’s just something extra about the HBCD.

Have you ever tried NutraBio Fighter’s Fuel?

It’s got 18g of “Super Carbs” and a TON of other pre workout ingredients – but only 100mg caffeine. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want their heart to race and wants to dabble in these carbs.

I have yet to, but I have been looking at it to try.

I checked out Pre Extreme and I really like that.

Fighter’s Fuel - interesting, seems like a tad watered down version of PRE Extreme (pre + HBCD). Much lighter on the stims for sure.

I get that for the most part there is a 1% difference in supplements / and that unless your paycheck relies on being 1% bigger faster or stronger it doesn’t make a lot of difference…But…HBCD has always worked for me. Either with Surge Workout Fuel, GlycoFuse or SuperCarb…I just really like it.