Nutrabio Strawberry Ice Cream Review

Nutrabio Strawberry Ice Cream Review


Nutrabio Strawberry Ice Cream Review

First off, as soon as you twist of the lid, you are hit with a very strong, sweet smelling strawberry. It reminded me immediately of a strawberry sorbet, I guess hence the name “Strawberry Ice Cream.” Not too many fruity proteins that I’ve tried top the strong smell of this protein.

As recommended on the label, I mixed one scoop with 6 oz of cashew milk and shook it up for about 30 seconds. The powder is fairly thin, as it is an isolate, so it mixed fairly easily and quite well with no chunks left in the shake. I doubt a full 30 seconds was needed to completely dissolve the powder in the milk. Once I poured it into a glass, it looked exactly like Nesquik strawberry milk, which I didn’t drink very often but this definitely took me back to my childhood and I was excited to try it and see how it stacked up.

Upon trying it, you definitely taste the strawberry but it is a pretty faint strawberry taste, probably to mimic more of the ice cream aspect and not to overwhelm you with a strawberry flavor. I’m sure with two scoops, you would definitely get closer to the Nesquik strawberry milk that I was expecting based on the appearance and smell. I definitely look forward to using this protein in other ways, probably in some overnight oats topped with fresh fruit and in some fruit smoothies. I will post updates as I use it more often and let you know how it tastes used as more than just mixed in milk. i will definitely start incorporating this into my post workout shakes.

Lastly, I really like the labeling on this product as it gives you great confidence in the product you are using and putting in your body. It doesn’t get much more transparent than this. Also, it is hard to beat 0 fats and 2 carbs per serving, even on isolate proteins. Really appreciate the opportunity to try this product @Kon_Rock @NutraBio and everyone let me know if you have any questions about the product.


You nailed my only gripe with the Nutrabio proteins. They have a good taste , but are soo lightly flavored. @Kon_Rock can I special order a double the flavor tub :grimacing:


Awesome review buddy, I appreciate the details :slight_smile:

Our Isolate is very clean and in being so we don’t want to add anything in to take away from that…such as other flavoring ingredients. Keeping it more a natural and refreshing taste. I’m glad you liked it and defiantly try it different ways.

If you ever have Nutrabio questions, feel free to hit me up :slight_smile:

@Msseffect I kinda answered you above. We are continuing to expand our flavoring but keeping with a minimal approach to ensure the highest quality. :slight_smile:


What’s funny is that this is WAY stronger than the old version and I thought it was well powered


I agree with you too :slight_smile:

I love this flavor, no artificial taste. Just goodness and like you said in your video…keeps you coming back for more!!


Possibly the cashew milk overpowered the flavoring, you had yours with water right? I’ll have to give it a try either way, I’ve enjoyed the new flavoring on their other products( blue raz & cherry limeade). For me they make one of the best digesting whey’s


Yeah I do water with nearly everything in reviews

Last night I used some full-fat coconut milk (from the tin can not the carton) with some though, oh man good times to fatten it up


Yeah defiantly water, is the way to go.

And glad to hear you enjoyed the new Blue Raspberry and Cherry Limeade!!


Yeah I have not tried it yet with just water, so maybe the cashew milk did take away from some of the flavor. I’ll definitely give it a try with just water and see how it tastes.


Just wanted to provide a little update. I’ve been using this isolate the past few weeks for before and after workouts. I’ve tried it a few times mixed in with oatmeal, but I haven’t enjoyed it too much. It gets a little too grainy for my taste and the strawberry flavor is a little underwhelming. However, I recently started mixing it with 6 oz of cashew milk and pouring it over some lucky charms frosted flakes and it is delicious! You definitely get a lot more for the strawberry flavor this way as well. This is going to be my go-to post workout meal for a little while, probably until I run out of protein or cereal lol.


There’s a cool way mix it up. We have some exciting news coming in regards to this :wink:


Adding some heavy cream and MCT to balance out fats and I’m LOVING this flavor. I don’t ever drink it with water anymore


Oh yeah there you go, MCT Powder…I use it my morning shake and love that stuff!


I add the liquid to shakes to avoid the fiber, heh…