Nutrabio Stawberry Ice cream WPI

Nutrabio Stawberry Ice cream WPI

Thank you most kindly for the chance to review the newly released Strawberry Ice Cream 100% Whey Protein Isolate.

I’m normally not one that chooses an isolate only protein. Aside from running a bit on the pricier end of protein, I tend to favor blends, which are thicker and usually have a bit more flavor to them. That being said I was immediately impressed when opening the tub and being struck by the very pleasant strawberry aroma. I was pleasantly surprised with how little effort it took to shake and for all of the powder to completely dissolve. First time out, I used 2 scoops and guessing ~12-15oz water. Such a smooth taste/texture with a very pronounced strawberry flavor reminiscent of the strawberry ice cream flavor found in Neapolitan and thicker than other WPI’s I’ve had in the past. The biggest pass/fail test for me with any protein is the aftertaste though. One strawberry whey I’m still trying to choke down that I’ve had for nearly a year now has a strong chemical aftertaste, happy to say that’s not even remotely the case for NutraBio. Nicely done guise!

For kicks I mixed a scoop of this in with a scoop of myprotein’s Maple flavored whey and wow, sooo good, but for me this protein really shines mixed in with some plain, Greek yogurt, just like a thick strawberry ice cream mousse, love it.

Again, thank you much, @Kon_Rock and @NutraBio for the chance to review an entire tub. I’ve been a longtime fan of NutraBio and the transparency they bring to the table and the quality they continually put out with this and all their products.

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Awesome review buddy, love the detail here and how you enjoyed it. Noticing the naturally refreshing flavoring and not having an artificial taste and/or aftertaste!

This is my favorite new flavor and I appreciate you doing this. Thank so much!!

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My pleasure man :slight_smile: Didn’t mean for it to take as long as it did to post it, but thanks again for the opp and Nutrabio’s generosity. :muscle:

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No worries man, it was well worth the wait :slight_smile:
Thanks for following through and really glad you enjoyed it.

If you ever have Nutrabio questions, feel free to hit me up :slight_smile:
Thanks Again.

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