NutraBio PRE Workout Review

NutraBio PRE Workout Review

Things are coming up all NutraBio on the channel lately!


Awesome, thorough review! Really in detail on the flavors, which was consistent with my experience of the product. Would have loved to hear even more of a formula break down.

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Fantastic video guys! Lots of great information in here :slight_smile:

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I recently got the Pre-extreme Green Apple, I noticed it has a very strong chemical taste. Almost hard to get it all down. Anyone else have the same problem?


today i ordered their pre extreme unflavored 50% off. hope to mix this with tang and all works out well…


Nope, I thought the Pre Extreme Green Apple was a fairly mild flavor with maybe some minor aftertaste.


the unflavored is hard to flavor In tang but it will work. I can get it down buy not my best purchase so far. I want to experiment with it more yet.


Yes - I’m not a fan of the Green Apple flavor. None of the Pre (extreme) flavors have really “wowed” me, but Watermelon has been the easiest one to get down.