NutraBio Pre Review Cherry Limeade - Sample Tub

NutraBio Pre Review Cherry Limeade - Sample Tub


Thanks so much to the NutraBio team to let me sample the new Cherry Limeade flavor of PRE. They sent me a 4 serving sample to try.

A little background on me. I just came off a month cut. This week, I’m backing off the intensity with 1-3 minute rest periods instead of 30-60 seconds with added HIIT cardio during my workout. I’m still taking every set to failure. So the workouts should be much more enjoyable. I’ve had a couple days to get some carbs back in me. So here we go!

First off, it’s NutraBio. So you know PRE is going to be a quality product with legit doses. And looking at the profile, that is what you are getting. The only ingredient that I can think of that might be beneficial which is left out is Carnitine, no big deal here. There are different pump ingredients, but they have a solid pump matrix.

The profile covers everything from strength, endurance, energy, focus, hyrdation. It is truly an all in one PWO. Here’s a level scoop, yeah it’s a big scoop!


So let’s get the bad out of the way first. I’m going to be blunt. Cherry Limeade is not good IMO - 5/10. It is drinkable but no where close to enjoyable. It is way too tart. The lime overpowers the flavor. There is not much cherry in there. The flavor is not smooth or refreshing. All other Cherry Limeade flavors that I’ve had have been pretty good. So when I first took a sip of this, I was really put off. The best Cherry Limeade flavor that I’ve had is EVL BCAA Energy. But hey, I could really give two sh!ts about the flavor. I’m all about the experience and if the stuff works. Here’s it mixed in 12 oz water. There was a little sediment left after chugging which easily got washed down with another ounce of water.


So, the good. EVERYTHING ELSE! I was really skeptical about how the experience would be with that huge dose of Theaninie at 300mg. I thought it would tone down the energy rush too much. Boy was I wrong. I trained fasted this morning. And this stuff hit me hard just after 10-15 minutes. I’ve had tried many of the heavy hitting PWOs with DMAA, DMHA, Amp Citrate and PRE could take them on. The focus and mood boost was INTENSE. I was really ready to kill the weights when I started my workout. I had a rage in me that I was not expecting.

Today was a 60 min chest/shoulder/tricep workout with longer rest periods as a I mentioned before. I started my warm up about 40 minutes after taking PRE. I really don’t have a good basis for comparison when it comes to performance since I’m coming off a cut. But this stuff easily got me through the workout. The pump did NOT come on fast. I’ve had PWOs where I blow up in my warm up. This was not the case with PRE. I did two exercises for each muscle group. And the pump came on pretty good during the second half of the workout. Even though I was fasted, it shouldn’t have made a difference in my pump. I had a huge dinner the night before and wasn’t really hungry upon waking. I did have a toostie roll pop the first half of my workout. I ended up pretty vascular. Here’s my bicep towards the end of my workout and I didn’t even train biceps.


And just throwing in a full pic.


My last exercise was 3 way push ups - feet elevated SS regular push ups SS chest elevated. I had plenty in the tank to take my rest down to 1 minute and I felt comfortable doing this. I ended my workout on a pretty good high. Sitting at work, the energy is still apparent 3.5 hours later. I’m going to save one scoop for this same workout next week and see if I notice anything different. I’ll also comment on my other two workouts later this week. Huge thanks NutraBio!!!


Man, that’s an awesome caparison photo…before and after taking PRE!!

I’m really glad you loved the effects and have a fantastic workout with it. Sorry to hear about the New Cherry Limeade flavor for you but everyone has their taste. Have to check out the flavors.

Also we do have another PRE, PRE Extreme with alittle different energy complex and have 15g Cyclic Dextrin.
Something for you check out :wink:

But fantastic review man defiantly appreciate this!!!

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It’s tempting to try the Extreme version. I really like the effects of Hordenine, but I really don’t do well with Yohimbine. The energy complex of PRE is plenty for me. And if I need some carbs preworkout, my kids always have a solid candy stash :slight_smile: Or I just grab a handful of raisins.


Great review! Unfortunately the lime was a bit overpowering for me as well at 12oz water. I still liked it, but wanted something more refreshing than tart. Going to try 16oz later this week before I throw a review up.


Just mixed up my second serving in 14 oz. The tartness is definitely lessened but you’re left with an overall blander flavor. Still not much cherry flavor. The tub does smell better than it tastes. You do get more a whiff of cherry.

I had breakfast about 3 hours ago, and I still feel it hitting me hard just after 10 minutes. Gonna be a fun leg day!


The pump got better today for my morning chest/back/bicep/tricep workout. I mixed one serving PRE with one serving Gaspari Glycofuse in 18 oz water 40 minutes preworkout. I then had heaping scoop PS Whey 25 minutes preworkout. Again, the pump didn’t come on right away. I didn’t notice much during first exercise - 4 sets of bench. But my back got pretty swole for my second exercise - wide grip chin-ups. Rep ranges for all exercises were 9-15 with rest periods 1-2.5 minutes. Again, intensity wasn’t crazy but was still taking every set to failure. I had that nice arm up where I wasn’t able to touch my shoulders in the shower. I’ll give the pump 8.5/10 - great but not out of this world. And most of the times, “great” is all I want. I’m more about performance. And I can tell PRE aids in performance. It made my 60 minute workout feel like a breeze. Focus and energy was outstanding as reported previously. Running a whole tub would be very enjoyable. Good stuff!!


There was a recommendation to reduce the water. At 8 oz, the cherry flavor definitely comes through more. I’ll up my score to 6/10. It’s very tart at this water amount and it doesn’t mix as well but it tastes slightly better IMO. Again, not refreshing or smooth. Fourth and final workout was again enjoyable - lots of energy, pumps, and focus.

Thanks so much to the NutraBio guys for this opportunity!!