Nutrabio Pre Cherry Limeade Review

Nutrabio Pre Cherry Limeade Pre-Workout Review


Cherry Limeade – Cherry Limeade is a flavor that does not get enough love on the supplement market. From the first sip, you get a surge of a bold cherry flavor and refreshing limeade aftertaste. The way both flavors compliment each other is good. Compared to EAA Energy the density of the flavor is not as strong due to the raw material makeup. Nootropic and cognitive enhancers can be hard to mask and leave a bitter aftertaste. This is why the flavor in Nutrabio Pre is not as strong as EAA Energy. Overall it is very good and one of Nutrabio’s best flavors.


I used 12-14oz of water and 1 scoop to mix the pre-workout. Usually, with a larger scoop size, there is a higher possibility of clumping and particles floating around after shaking. The liquid did start to foam, which died down after about 5 minutes. What you can do to help combat this mixed the pre-workout the night before and leave in my fridge. Upon waking there should be no clumping, and no particles left at the bottom of the shaker and it mixed flawlessly. If you mix this just before your workout expect to see some foam or some particles floating around your shaker cup due to the large serving size of the active ingredients


Per Scoop:

Electrolytes (Performance/Endurance)

3.5 Leucine (Full Dose to trigger MPS)

3.2g Beta-Alanine (Full Dose for Performance/Performance)

3g Creatine Mono (Enough to saturate ATP Levels)

2.5g Betaine (Clinical dose to support hydration and cellular electrolyte concentration)

6g L-Citrulline (Full Dose for Pumps, prevent lactic acid build up)

1g Agmatine (Pump/Nutrient Partitioning)

750mg Nitrosigine (Pump, Enhance Bloodflow)

1.5g L Tyrosine (Mood/Focus)

500mg Choline (Mood/Focus)

350mg Caffeine (250mg and 100mg from Infinergy)

300mg L-Theanine (Nootropic for Mood/Energy)

100mcg Huperzine A (Nootropic for Mood/Energy)


You are getting a 28g Serving per scoop at around $2 a serving. Yes it is $40 for 20 servings of a pre-workout which may scare some people, but lets put into the big picture what you are getting. Try making this pre on your own and include the flavoring they did. If you value a quality product you are getting what you pay for.

Workout Reaction:

Nutrabio Pre Dosed 15 minutes prior to workout

Pre-Workout Meal 90 minutes prior to workout (50g Protein, 60g Carbs)

Training has been a PPL split with the option of 4-6 days of training a week pending recovery and volume. This workout was a back and biceps workout that I performed with a partner. The benefit of having the partner is intensity techniques that are hard to do on your own.

The workout outline started with doing banded chin-ups for 4 sets to failure. By the time this way over my lats were already filled with blood, and the mind muscle connection was clicking right out of the gate. The surge of energy was slow to hit, but this is due to the fact of the added nootropics and cognitive enhancements in the formula. After warming up the next exercise was chest supported rows that ended with a dropset and extra partials.

Once you hit the partials the blood flow to the back was enhanced the deeper I dug into the final set. By the time I got to my 3rd exercise my muscles felt very full and I could see the vascularity in the mirror. The next triset was a combination of banded DB pullovers; single arm supinated pulldowns (with iso-tension), and weighted hyperextensions with a barbell. My whole posterior chain was in shambles by the time 18 sets of back was finished, and I did not even get to biceps yet which were already popping. Biceps were 3 exercises with forced reps on a hammer strength machine and a preacher bar.

My partner and I worked up to a hard set of 8-10 on both exercises and then added the intensity technique, which pushed extra blood into the muscle. Not once did my energy fade, but it stayed steady from first rep to last rep. Even when I drove home and had my post-workout meal I could feel the effects of the stimulants still buzzing.

Not only does Nutrabio Pre give you the perfect kick, it provides a pump and nootropic complex with a large dose of Leucine to trigger MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis). It is very rare to find a pre-workout that covers all the bases in a fully transparent formula. When it comes to Nutrabio they don’t shy you with any ingredient or formula they provide on their product line.

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