Nutrabio Pre Blue Raspberry Pre-Workout Review

Nutrabio Pre Blue Raspberry Pre-Workout Review


Blue Raspberry - The blue raspberry flavor was refreshing and light. This is not a blue raspberry like xtend, which is on the sweeter side. Take a classic blue raspberry form and put it in a mild form to give you a touch of sweetness and sourness… The flavor is enjoyable because some blue raspberry flavors can be overbearing or artificial. Nutrabio found a happy medium with a flavor that you will enjoy even with a bit more water then instructed on the label.

I used 12-14oz of water and 1 scoop to mix the pre-workout. Usually with a larger scoop size there is a higher possibility of clumping and particles floating around after shaking. The liquid did start to foam, which died down after about 5 minutes. What I did do to help combat this was mix the pre-workout the night before and leave in my fridge. Upon waking there was no clumping, no particles left at the bottom of the shaker and it mixed flawlessly. If you mix this just before you workout expect to see some foam or some particles floating around your shaker cup due to the large serving size of raws.


Per Scoop:
Electrolytes (Performance/Endurance)
3.5 Leucine (Full Dose to trigger MPS)
3.2g Beta-Alanine (Full Dose for Performance/Endurance)
3g Creatine Mono (Enough to saturate ATP Levels)
2.5g Betaine (Clinical dosing for performance, endurance, strength)
6g L-Citrulline (Full Dose for Pumps, prevent lactic acid build up)
1g Agmatine (Pump/Nutrient Partitioning)
750mg Nitrosigine (Pump, Enhance Bloodflow)
1.5g L Tyrosine (Mood/Focus)
500mg Choline (Mood/Focus)
350mg Caffeine (250mg and 100mg from Infinergy)
300mg L-Theanine (Nootropic for Mood/Energy)
100mcg Huperzine A (Nootropic for Mood/Energy)

You are getting a 28g Serving per scoop at around $2 a serving. Yes it is $40 for 20 servings of a pre-workout which may scare some people, but lets put into the big picture what you are getting. Try making this pre on your own and include the flavoring they did. If you value a quality product you are getting what you pay for.

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I tried mine today! I agree with everything you said, no clumping issues, excellent flavor, some foaming, overall great experience. One odd thing is that I actually started getting more tired first, then started waking up more and got some solid energy. I think the theanine kicked in faster for me than the caffeine.

Teanine is known to help prolong the energy and half life of caffeine… A lot of people who take teanine notice that you dont get slapped in the face with energy. It slowly builds up and then prolongs as the workout goes on. Off the bat you may not feel like superman, but as you continue to knock out sets you will feel like the tunnel vision starts to kick in.

Personally I really enjoyed this. Great formula, and very very good taste. Taste isn’t my biggest thing but they nailed it on the head. I would love to see this with some Teacrine or some other nootropics alongside what’s currently in there. I heard NutraBio was coming out with a nootropic formula at some point? Heard anything in the rumor mill?

Thanks to Nutro Bio and Price Plow… I received my free sample as well. I like it. Going to use it again today.

As stated this pre doesn’t slap you in the face. It is not a stim bomb that hits you and fizzes our. What you have to realize is that the addition of all the nootropics provides a long and steady stream of energy. Not once will you feel peaks and spikes of energy. You will notice long lasting energy surging for 90-120 minutes or longer

This is how my leg day went and I never felt my legs lose their pump

Lying leg curl
3 warm ups and a triple drop set with 15 forced reps

Leg press feet close in a v shape for quads
Start 1 plate / side … keep adding for sets of 10 until failure rest 90 seconds

This is where my I felt my legs getting real tight

Barbell squats
185 x 20 for 4 sets

Here I was about ready to throw up because I was breathing so heavy and my legs felt like balloons

Leg extension
Rotate from leg to leg with no rest for a set of 8
Then double drop set for 20 reps

Smith stiff leg deadlifts
4-25lb plates a side Triple dropset to failure

My hamstrings were so pumped that it hurt and I ended up dropping the bar on my feet. I had to sit on the ground for a few minutes to catch my breath after the intensity technique

Not only were the energy and pump on point , not once did I ever feel cracked out or a crash. The amount of workout enhancers and nootropic additions made way for a well dosed pre workout. My workout went just as planned and the nutrabio pre gave me a great mental state to push through pain.

Would highly recommend but the price point may scare typical consumers away


Loving your detailed review man. Looking forward to seeing more from you

I have well over a dozen reviews on here. Anytime I get something new in I will review it.

Great write up man. I love this PRE - the all in one - massively effective dosed pre workout!

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Awesome write-up, we need more accounts from detailed perspectives like this. Not just because it’s positive, but because it truly highlights every section of how we’re doing.

Thanks for your work!

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When should we expect e-tailers to have stock of this? This will probably be my 2018 Go-to. I normally train at 8PM and DMHA just gives me too much anxiety. DMAA doesn’t mess with me as much, but still lasts too long to get a good nights sleep. +1 on the nootropics from you. Would love to stack that with this. I think its one of the only things “missing” from PRE. I say “missing” because I don’t actually need it, it just would be nice to have a touch more zoned in sense with it.

Thanks for everything NutraBio - you guys rock

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Thank you to both you and @Kon_Rock I would be glad to review anything off your line in the future and provide this detail!

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Wow, thanks so much for your kind words! Feedback like this is what inspires us to keep innovating.

Blue Raspberry was released on December 15th, Bodybuilding should have it in the upcoming weeks. Suppz will have it up soon, and you can always get it on our site.

If you’re a fan of the formula, you can always get it in Green Apple (my other favorite) or any of the classic flavors at those retailers or at Vitamin Shoppe!

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Would never pay at a local retailer (VS). Price will be way too high compared to online.
Suppz ships slower then dirt, and takes forever to ship. They have a warehouse in PA and it takes over a week to get to my house which is 2 hours away.

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Unless you have a coupon, all online prices for NutraBio should be very similar to the prices found in store at Vitamin Shoppe.

If you’re in PA however, it’s 1-day shipping from NutraBio HQ if you order before 3pm.

Received my lab sample a few days ago and so far so good. I have had some jittery experiences with some preworkouts in the past but not this time.
I am an active 62 year old that lifts 3 to 5 days a week mostly geared to keep me playing competitive softball at a high level.
The first day I mixed a scoop with 16 ounces of cold water and found the taste a little too thick for my tastes. 20 to 25 ounces of cold water made my taste buds smile.
For my needs, this has the ingredients that work for me both in the gym and on tournament days - Carnosyn Beta Alanine, Creatine by PharmaPure, Magnesium by Creatine MagnaPower and Agmatine Sulfate. Also one ingredient that can cause me jitters - yohimbine is not present.
Not only did my 45 minute iron sessions go smoothly but I felt energized enough that after a protein shake I took the grandchildren to the local park to play in the cold weather!
Another good experience with NutraBio. Thanks to them and Price Plow for sending me the sample. Make 2018 your best year ever.


I received my sample tub of the PRE Blue Razz as well a few weeks ago. Took me a minutes to get to testing it, so I apologize for th delay.

-Focus/Energy: I was VERY impressed up front with how quickly this kicked in. It was an almost euphoric feeling with me. The theanine/Caffeine combo alongside the Tyrosine/Huperzine was very pronounced and lasted for a LONG time. Not only did my workout kick ass, but I made it through an entire dinner shift of work. The mind-muscle connection was intense, as I was more aware of my form than I usually am.
-Pump: Every workout I’ve used this was a great one. I felt denser and fuller on my chest/back days, and the leg day, oh LAWD. My quad were full of blood to the point that walking was an absolute bitch.
-Crash: four workouts, NEVER had one. This is one of the standouts to me.
-Strength/Muscle Power: All of lifts increased and reps went up. I wish I had recorded these to post, but I’ve been getting my workouts in, and leaving before the New Years crowd hit.
-Flavor: taste was pleasant, not too sweet, not sour, just refreshing. The Blur Raspberry was by far my favorite take on the “other fruit punch.” Some preworkouts go for over the top sweet, which tears my stomach up, while others flat out shit the bed. NutraBio’s take on BR was right smack in the middle.
-Overall: This was my first time running NB PRE, and won’t be my last. I’ve been getting away from the more exotic products (DMAA/DMHA) and reacquainting myself with the tried and true. This is now one of my top Clinically dosed preworkouts.


That’s what we love to hear :slight_smile:

We continue to receive amazing reviews on PRE and glad you had a chance to experience it.

Side note: Never train without it :wink: