Nutrabio Pistachio Delight Classic Whey Review

Nutrabio Pistachio Delight Classic Whey


Pistachio Delight - Pistachio generally have a very mild flavor that can be a little sweet.

Nutrabio Pistachio has a dense and creamy flavor that packs a vanilla element that tickles on your taste buds on the backend. The nuttiness is present from the initial taste all the way through the aftertaste. The eye-opener is how well both flavors compliment each other to truly give you pistachio ice cream in a protein powder form. This may be a very rare flavor you do see on the market, but Nutrabio executed it to perfection. For those who are pistachio lovers, this will be like hitting the goldmine. For those who are not real big on nutty flavors this may be a flavor you throw into the rotation from time to time to switch it up.


I have found that 6-8oz per scoop of nutrabio classic and muscle matrix protein powders are my sweet spot. Some may really enjoy the isolates around 4oz per scoop and the casein upward to 10-12oz due to the nature of the raw materials. When it comes to protein powder I personally enjoy mixing them into a pudding or “sludge”. 1 scoop in 6oz of Greek yogurt makes a perfect pudding that is enjoyable to eat or spread onto baked goods, desserts, or rice cakes. As with all the Nutrabio powders there is never a Mixability issue. I could mix this in a glass with a spoon and there would be minimal issues.


Per Scoop:

Calories ~ 130

Fat ~ 2g

Carbs ~ 2g

Protein ~ 25g

Classic Whey is a Whey Concentrate WPC80 - which means it is 80% pure whey protein (only 10% lower than our Isolate)! No not all concentrates are the same, many others are WPC40 or lower. In Classic Whey the serving size is 33.86gms, the WPC is 32.47gm (yielding 25gm), which equals 1.39gms of flavoring, sweeteners, and coloring.

There’s only a 10% difference between Classic Whey and our Isolate, which can result in a more flavorful texture for Classic Whey but not really sacrificing quality protein.

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