Nutrabio Orange Dream Whey Review

Nutrabio Orange Dream Whey Review

Nutrabio Orange Dream Classic Whey


Orange Dream – Nutrabio was chasing the orange creamsicle ice cream bars that were childhood staples for dessert. A creamsiccle or dreamsicle by definition is a mixture of orange and vanilla ice cream either swirled together or with orange sherbet coating a vanilla ice cream cone. Upon the first taste you are instantly flooded with a rich orange flavor that lingers on your taste buds. What really stands out is how dense the orange flavoring is in comparison to the vanilla creamsicle compliment. The creamsicle picks up in the aftertaste, but is just strong enough to give you the best of both worlds. I would state the ratio of orange to vanilla is around a 70/30 ratio. The luscious vanilla is present, but with how strong the initial orange flavoring is it plays the backend of the flavor, as it should in any true dreamsicle or creamsicle combination. Nutrabio adds yet another fantastic flavor to their growing protein line-up, and I am sure they have more up their sleeve in the near future.


I have found that 6-8oz per scoop of nutrabio classic and muscle matrix protein powders are my sweet spot. Some may really enjoy the isolates around 4oz per scoop and the casein upward to 10-12oz due to the nature of the raw materials. When it comes to protein powder I personally enjoy mixing them into a pudding or “sludge”. 1 scoop in 6oz of Greek yogurt makes a perfect pudding that is enjoyable to eat or spread onto baked goods, desserts, or rice cakes. As with all the Nutrabio powders there is never a Mixability issue. I could mix this in a glass with a spoon and there would be minimal issues.


Per Scoop:

Calories ~ 130

Fat ~ 2g

Carbs ~ 2g

Protein ~ 25g


  • Transparent label

  • Dense orange flavor

  • Proper vanilla compliment

  • Third Party Tested

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