NutraBio Now Discloses 3rd Party Lab Tests!

NutraBio Now Discloses 3rd Party Lab Tests!

There was a time (LONG ago) when buzzwords like “ultra concentrated” or “proprietary matrix” were embraced by the supplement industry. Those days are long gone now that consumers are more educated and demanding to know exactly what and how much of something goes into the supplements they purchase. NutraBio has …
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Didn't Muscle Pharm do something similar? You could input the lot # of their protein, bars, etc and they would provide the 3rd party tests?


Yeah we wrote about that at


Yeh muscle Pharm claimed to, but they stopped it while back, they only put in some lots to make it look good and never really followed through. The way Glazier does everything else to perfection I'm expecting that he will follow through completely. This is the example that all brands should follow...