Nutrabio- New(ish) flavors review

Nutrabio- New(ish) flavors review

I took advantage of the Memorial Day sale to try out a couple of their newer flavors that I have been eyeing, and figured I would give a quick flavor review for anyone that may be interested in giving any of these a go.

First up is the Ice Cream Cookie Dream Classic Whey. Honesty, protein flavoring has been my only real issue with Nutrabio. I don’t remember enjoying a single protein flavor from them, including the two I tried most recently, cinnamon doughnut and pancakes and syrup. That being said, this new take on cookies and cream is ridiculously good. I mixed it with 6 oz of almond milk (as I do all of my shakes) and the texture is spot on, not too thick, not too thin. It is definitely a vanilla base (which I prefer) with the perfect amount chocolate cookie flavor to remind you it’s a cookies and cream. I believe Mike said in his review it reminded him of Cookie Crisp cereal and I think that is pretty spot on.

I wanted to keep these fairly short, so in conclusion I would strongly recommend this flavor if you are a cookies and cream fan and I’ll definitely purchase this flavor again (this coming from someone who has strongly disliked Nutrabio protein flavors in the past).

Tomorrow is an off day for me- so I won’t get to try the flavors of pre and intra blast until Friday and I’ll report back then.


Good review! I have the same flavor on the way too. Look forward to trying it out. I was a little hesitant on trying it though because like you, I wasn’t really fond of the new pancakes and maple or the cinnamon sugar donut. Although the flavors were good, It wasn’t something I could look forward to drinking every day.
Love me some cookie crisp too.

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While I agree with everyone on the breakfast flavors, those were in their WPI product while the new ice cream cookie is for their WPC product. I assume it is easier to flavor a WPC product vs. an ultra clean WPI product like we had with the breakfast flavor series.

WPI >> 25g of protein per ~29g serving size

WPC >> 25g of protein per ~34g serving size


That is true. Forgot about that.


I agree for sure, but even comparing this to their previous WPC cookies and cream flavor is a night and day difference. Didn’t care for the Vanilla or Cookies and Cream Classic Whey in the past


Great feed back man, like said there’s a big difference in WPI and WPC flavors. But we also have a mad scientist flavor that been doing our new flavors this year and he’s been blowing it out of the water.

Looking forward to what you think of the other :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting your thought and glad you are loving it so far!!!

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After an off day yesterday I got a chance to try out the pre and intra flavors for an early workout this morning.

First for the strawberry lemon bomb intra blast-

I have had this flavor in Alpha EAA and loved it, but it is even better in the intra blast formula in my opinion (I’m assuming not having to mask the nootropics/adaptogens is the reason for it). This is their take on strawberry lemonade, but is a little heavier on the strawberry side. For the initial flavor test I used 16 oz of water as the label recommends, but then I filled my shaker full of water for my workout and the flavor holds up in 24+ oz of water which is a huge factor for me when it comes to intra workout products. This flavor is just right up my alley considering how much I enjoy lemonade flavors and it is extremely refreshing, which makes it a perfect flavor for an intra workout supplement (especially in the summer time when your gym’s AC isn’t great). After trying this flavor in a couple of products I would definitely put this in the top spot as my favorite Nutrabio flavor system, and one of my favorite flavor systems overall in the market currently.

Next for the grape berry crush pre-

Most grape flavored supplements seem to miss the mark for most and come across as medicinal tasting, that is not this case with this flavor. I mixed one scoop in 14 oz of water and you get a sweet- but not overly sweet- grape flavor up front with the berry flavor on the back end. The label shows raspberries which I get, but I feel like there is something else going on there I wasn’t able to pin point. I think Nutrabio did a nice job on this one as well and it is just different enough that I believe those who haven’t had great experiences with grape flavors in the past will still enjoy this. Another flavor I highly recommend.

So as far as this haul goes, Nutrabio goes 3 for 3- all are as good or better than I anticipated. They are all just really enjoyable flavors that I look forward taking and will purchase again. Pre and Intra Blast are a couple of staples for me that I always keep in my supplement rotation and these new flavors are welcomed additions.

Nutrabio has been on a roll this year, and their new flavorist has really shown to be a game changer for them. For a while I didn’t think I would be interested in any protein powder formula from them but considering how much I have enjoyed the ice cream cookie dream the last few days I now have my eye on the new strawberry pastry flavor of their muscle matrix formula. Looking forward to seeing what they come out with next!


Appreciate this man, and overall glad that you enjoyed the new flavors.

We have drastically improved that flavors and making them the only way we can.

Thanks for this and your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear the berry crush is good. Got my tub ready for me when I get back home and I’m hype


Yeah man it’s good. I think you’ll really enjoy it


Oh yeah, buddy you will love it :smiley:

Perfect Grape Berry Flavor.