Nutrabio Naturals (Pre & Intra) Review

Nutrabio Naturals (Pre & Intra) Review


Thanks to Nutrabio for the promo and opportunity to try these products.

Nutrabio Pre-

Performance: The Beta Alanine tingles are definitely felt, but not as intense as similarly dosed supplements, which was nice. Pumps and Vascularity are great, you can see and feel them. Great endurance and energy as well. If you’re used to exotic stims, you won’t notice much of a drop in performance, which is why Nutrabio is one of my go to suppz, when I want to take a break from exotic stims. I give a slight edge to the Pre-Extreme, so I hope Nutrabio makes a Natural version of that.

Taste: (Green Apple) First thing I noticed when I opened the tub was the smell, which was fantastic. Gets you excited to try it. The flavor to me was reminiscent of a candied green apple, inital flavor is great, but there is a strong stevia after taste. I think the flavor would be graded highly if not for the aftertaste, hoping Nutrabio figures out way to reduce it in future versions.

Nutrabio Intra

Performance: This was my first Intra supplement, so don’t have much to compare it to. I took this multiple times this week and was very happy with the results. I definitely felt it helped with my endurance and fatigue during my workouts out. I was able to push for longer and had a better overall workout incorporating it. Will be a category I will be using going forward

Taste: (Sweet Tea) This taste to me was more like a herbal lemon tea. The flavor was very pronounced and you don’t get a Stevia aftertaste. Even though the flavor isn’t bad, I think it’s one that you can get tired of quickly , since it’s so strong. It almost seemed like they were trying to go for an Arnold Palmer, but it came out too herbal tasting. I would probably suggest alternating this with another flavor every couple of days.

Overall: The products deliver on effects, you will not be disappointed with the performance . The flavors weren’t bad, but could use some slight tweaking to make them perfect.

PROMO - Nutrabio Natural PRE & Intra Blast Beta Testing

Great thoughts man, glad to hear you enjoyed them and got to try out the Natural PRE and Intra Blast.

Thanks buddy!