NutraBio Naturals Beta Test - Reviewed!

NutraBio Naturals Beta Test - Reviewed!



I will update this thread with pics when I’m home from work but wanted a chance to post my thoughts. NutraBio was kind enough to send these to me on their dime and I’m thrilled to see more natural flavors and colors in the marketplace. I’m a hippie granola muncher and it’s wild to me that I try to eat so clean in most aspects of my life but love artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors in my supplements. The last naturally flavored products I tried were so bad I threw them out, so it had been a while since I dipped my toes back into the “natural supplements” game - good news! NutraBio is damn close to changing the game with these.


I’m a regular user of normal Pre, so this was a good one to get an A/B on. When adding water, this stuff foams a LOT. The Green Apple flavor is interesting - rather than using a “natural” apple flavor that would, conceivably, make this taste like apple juice, it does have that traditional artificial “Green Apple” flavor that you’d associate with Green Apple candy. But from natural sources. It’s pretty wild. The Green Apple doesn’t entirely mask the bitter stevia aftertaste, but it’s leaps and bounds better than any other naturally sweetened Pre I’ve ever had. Performance-wise, it’s about the same as the regular Pre - good pumps, great energy, great focus. I noticed a huge difference in one aspect - the beta-alanine tingles are about a billion times more pronounced with the natural Pre than they are with the standard Pre. I will do some more A/B testing this week but I do not recall ever getting so tingly from the standard issue Pre.

Intra Blast
Okay so I spent about half my life in the south. I know about Sweet Tea. This is some good shit right here. You can tell you’re not ACTUALLY drinking Sweet Tea, but it’s damn close. The stevia bitterness is masked much better here, and there’s none of the characteristic bitterness that BCAA/EAAs normally have. Win/win. This one also foams a LOT in comparison to other BCAA/EAAs I’ve had, many of which are foamy by nature. Given that both PRE and Intra Blast foamed up a lot, I have to conclude this is something with the natural flavors. It’s kinda cool, makes you feel like you’re doing some mad science.
I have previously only used one sample of Intra Blast so I can’t do much of an A/B test here, but I will say that even having cut out my intra-workout carbs a few weeks ago, endurance was great and I felt a synergistic effect between the two products in a way I don’t always feel when I mix and match products.

I’m really stoked on a reputable company bringing good quality, good tasting natural products to the market and I hope they expand the line further. Huge shouts to NutraBio, as always, for the hookup. I will keep this updated with any further thoughts or insights as I continue to A/B the products with less natural versions.

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Great review, love the details and yeah the PRE is much more Green Apple Candy vs Apple Juice…that would actually be interesting…the next Intra Blast flavor :stuck_out_tongue:

But oh yeah the sweet tea Intra Blast is so good, and Natural one is alittle more lemon-y than regular Intra Blast Sweet Tea. I love them…here in the south too :wink:

Thank you for this and appreciate your thought buddy!


Yeah, I’m back home in my native Portland now and I’ve found maybe two places with decent sweet tea up here in the PNW. Even the BBQ joints don’t do it right.