Nutrabio Natural Pre Review

Nutrabio Natural Pre Review


Nutrabio Green Apple Pre-
Flavor-So I’ve never taken a naturally flavored and sweetened supplement before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect as far as the flavor goes. I was pleasantly surprised as this Green Apple flavor wasn’t a candy Apple taste, but more of the refreshing Apple taste. It was something I can look forward to drinking before a workout. Great job on the flavor.
Effectiveness-I’m not going to go into the dosing of the product and everything. We all know with Nutrabio it’s going to be clinically dosed. Interesting enough though I did a fasted workout with this and typically on a fasted workout I lose a bit of mental clarity if that makes sense, but with this the focus and that drive was there like I wasn’t fasted. It was a great workout and not sluggish one bit. Overall this is for sure something I would buy and recommend.

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Great Review man, glad to hear you enjoyed it and yeah I was the same way, with this being natural…not sure what to expect. But definitely delightful and refreshing!

Thanks for your review :slight_smile: