NUTRABIO - Mystery Beta Test Giveaway

NUTRABIO - Mystery Beta Test Giveaway




Please PM ASAP your complete shipping address along with your phone number and email.
I’ll have these out today!!!

On September 10th there will be a soft launch of this product on, which means it will be live for purchase but the Grand Launch of the product occurs at the Olympia.

Reviews must have: Pictures (good pictures), taste review, body reaction, and other notable items.

If you have social media, feel free to post your review on their and tag myself and Nutrabio.


TCongrats guys! If it’s NutraBio, then I know y’all are going to love it!


Holy Hell…

I’d like to thank my Grandmother for having my mother for having me…




Matt, Text me your address. I sent a few bottles to Mike but I forgot how far apart you guys are


Well that is pretty good already.


Hey @Kon_Rock,

Thank you for the pick. I was unfortunately not entering myself to be a tester. If someone else in here wants to do a review in my place, please take my spot.


@M3NTAL Ok you don’t want it?

I’ll pick someone else!

@flyin40sfitness PM me your complete shipping address and I’ll get you the NEW Beta Samples out :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kon_Rock and @M3NTAL.


@M3NTAL has gone mental!


Might have a busy life rn, making consistent logging tough.

That’s why I haven’t volunteered for any lately, sometimes I can’t make it to the gym for a week straight, and I know company reps aren’t wild about that :worried:


I’ll provide the Married/8 year old/frequent traveler/nearly 50 perspective…


Lmfao Bill, harsh.

Maybe I’m just really bad at managing my time, ok!!!

I’ve actually been keeping track of my non-gym free time lately. I’ve had about an hour and a half over the past 8 days. Rest in fuckin peace.


Please don’t misinterpret my message - I get it. My point was that like you, I can’t go to the gym ‘every day bro’ (that’s me making fun of the meatheads)…I go as often as life will allow…thus my ‘log’ will be based on that.

I’m reminded of a quote from a very good friend of mine who once stated ‘you know this work stuff is really interfering with my workouts’


Life is a jerk. Unless fitness is our job - we can’t dedicate and revolve our lives around this, unless we make our living in this industry.

It bugs me when people say, “protein bars suck!”, or “you aren’t for real unless you train 5-7 days a week!”

It’s impractical. No duh real food is preferred by our body than a protein bar. Everyone knows that, so let’s stop throwing it in people’s faces. Not everyone has the luxury to live a perfect and healthy lifestyle. Family and careers come first.


Matt nails it here


Matt, you’re competing while in law school and married, do you have a minimum training allotment for the week? How do you make it work?


After my kid, caffeine and protein bar intake went up 100% lol


Yep. Haha. Fasted cardio every day (for now) and weight training 5x a week. I don’t have a social life and I wake up very early. That’s the only way to make it work!


Jeez, I train 4x a week and I don’t have a social life…I can only imagine having a wife and school to tend to