Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Taste Question

Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Taste Question


Good afternoon. Has anyone tried the Cookies and Cream Nutrabio Muscle Matrix? And thank you.


Why of course :wink: Let me know if you need any help.


I’m a C and C fan and was wondering how it compares with others (MTS/PE Science/ProJym) taste-wise.
And I feel like a GM for an NFL team as the Nutrabio transition has begun:

Pre will be delivered tomorrow
IntraBlast arrived today
Vanilla WPI was just ordered


I really like it, more natural and clean tasting. It won’t be all sweeting filled like most of those. Because we use very little / next to none artificial sweeteners.

Haha…that’s awesome man, you gotta love the clean pure products. I know I notice the difference!!!


Magnum Quattro has a good Cookies and Cream flavor and ProJym has pretty solid flavoring also (but the macros are a little worse). I really don’t like any of the PES protein flavors. They all have something that is off to me.


Thank you I appreciate that


The PES flavors are pretty salty


Have only tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter for Muscle Matrix. It was pretty good but also pretty mild.