NutraBio EAA Energy

NutraBio really outdoing themselves as always! I got sent a tub for guessing what it was correctly, and for getting selected for the contest. So, I’ll be able to give thoughts on both flavors. Today I tried the raspberry lemonade.

Mixed in approximately 12 oz of water (will provide pix tomorrow, forgot today!) and no issues with mixability. Couple shakes and everything was perfectly dissolved, no setting out over time.

For flavor, it was much more tart than I would have expected. It surprised me at first, and honestly threw me off. The lemonade and raspberry flavors definitely come through one after another though, with the aftertaste being surprisingly more lemonade than raspberry. After realizing it wasn’t meant to be a sweetness overload, I appreciated the flavor much more, despite personally having a sweet tooth.

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Today I was unfortunately cut short on time due to an obligation, so I’m hoping to get a better feel. I take copious amounts of caffeine in my pre’s and the nice 150mg in here helps smooth out my end, and reduces the crash. Will be getting a better feel as time goes on!

Can’t wait to hear your impression of Cherry Limeade! That’s my favorite.

Awesome man, I really like the Raspberry Lemonade too. Its very much like actual lemonade. Super good!!

Like Ben said the Cherry Limeade is my favorite, the lime in that is perfect!

Cherry Limeade:
Hot damn boys, outdoing yourselves on this flavor as well! Again, not quite what I was expecting, but still so damn good. Definitely the smoothest cherry limeade I’ve ever had. The sourness to it from that lime near the end is just perfect. Shame summer has come to close when these flavors are releasing, would have loved to sip on these during the hotter days. Awesome mixabilty, and the caffeine helps carry me through my hard, longer lifts, like my deadlift session yesterday. Awesome job as always, my favorite fully disclosed company


Dude, the Cherry Limeade is my favorite!!!

Just like you said, its perfect :yum::yum::yum::yum:

Glad you got a chance to try that one out too!

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Thank you brother!

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