Nutrabio EAA Energy Cherry Limeade

First and foremost thanks to @Kon_Rock and the @NutraBio team for sending out samples on their own dime and standing behind their products.

Cherry Limeade

The lime flavor is definitely the more dominant of the two with a slight hint of cherry tartness. It was actually very refreshing and and enjoyable to sip on. Great job here of delivering great tasting product with no artificial aftertaste.


Shaker Cup is required. First time trying it was at the office, so I had to mix it with a spoon and there where particles left at the top. Second time was with a shaker cup and it did dissolve. I mixed it with 12 ounces of water, will probably mix it with more to make it last longer :grin:

I’ll talk about the energy effects here. It’s a very sustained energy, don’t expect to intense off this. I think the caffeine amount will appeal to the masses, as an afternoon pick me up.

At $.80 per serving this is a great deal, for a good tasting product that you can take at anytime of the day.


Awesome man, glad you enjoyed it.

Cherry Limeade is my favorite, definitely the best cherry limeade flavor I have ever had.

Thanks buddy :slight_smile: