NutraBio EAA Energy Blue Raz Review

So apparently a few of you missed the joke when I referred to this in another thread as ‘the product that I can’t name from Nutrabio’.

In any event, let’s set the stage.

I Trained first thing in the morning in a hotel gym. Pre-workout was Scivation Quake non-stim (thank you @TheSolution).

Gymshark zip up hoodie (with apologies to Alphalete and @Matt_Towson), Hylete shorts, Nano’s.

One thing I might mention here - First thing in the morning training on the road requires stims…Thus the beginning of the workout was lacking a bit (AthleanX2). My simple point being that I missed that initial energy boost.

From a performance perspective once I actually started to consume EAA Energy (with special thanks to @Kon_Rock and the NutraBio Team) that’s when I started to ‘feel better’. I have the Blue Raz…which isn’t as ‘candy tasting’ as say the old school MusclePharm Assault nor Ghost (there you go @Matt_Towson) Amino. I would describe it as a more natural tasting Blue Raz.

The latter part of my workout is where it really picked up…Good, clean energy. Interestingly enough where I seemed to really feel it was during the rest of my day - good awake energy, not over-stimmed but just energetic…awake. It was almost as if I should have started drinking this prior to my workout (my bad)…

I really like the product. I do believe it would pair well with a lower stim or no stim pre…or would be great on off-days (like today as it sits next to me here) for a little extra energy.


Good to see it used as an “on the road” pre! And yeah always to have a good pick me up while traveling. This is fantastic product, keeping the anabolic fuel and recovery nutrients flowing.

And I’m with you on the Blue Raspberry, very natural flavoring. Not that artificial tangy kind. I really like how we did this flavor.

And as always, glad to hear you enjoyed it buddy :slight_smile:


If you tried their Blu Raz pre, how does it compare?

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Very similar

Better or worse? Cause the Blue Razz in the pre is amazing

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It’s pretty similar/ if not the same


Yeah I would say it as close / if not the same. Just in a longer drinking time vs the quick chug of PRE.

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Such a damn good flavor, so imma have to try it out since I got the other two!


Still waiting on the Blue Razz for the Pre Extreme :grin:

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Ok so I was able to try a sample and man it tastes good! And just the right amount of stim/caffeine as I do not like too much.