Nutrabio EAA Energy Blue Raspberry Review

Nutrabio EAA Energy Blue Raspberry Review


Thanks to @Kon_Rock and @NutraBio for sending out the new EAA Energy Sample. Being overseas I got it a little later than others and just before vacation so I just to it with me. I did not get to try with a traditional workout but used during some activities, even during a Safari hike.
Nutrabio nailed it! I have been waiting for a quality full amino profile product that also has some caffeine and hydration ingredients. A 3 in 1 It is something I would drink anytime.
Taste: I only tried the blue raspberry and experimented with the amount of water to get the right flavoring for me. 10 oz tasted too bitter for me but a cold or iced 16+ ounces was tasty.
Mixability: Easy in a shaker cup with no settling.
Function: I enjoyed in it the afternoon to rehydrate and refuel. With the low caffeine dosage I would use it as an afternoon pick-me-up. I want to try as an intra to see how it works for me.
Overall: Nutrabio puts out some of the best supplements and the EAA Energy is a product to add to my stack!
Pics on location in Lebanon and South Africa.received_1914068352229366|690x388


Dude!!! Glad you got it and loving it :smiley:

Thank you so much for this and like seeing the different activities you used it for!

Great pictures man, We are in South Africa…super cool!

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I wish I would not have put in my checked luggage or would have pic climbing the pyramids with some sweet aminos!


That would have awesome!

I’m really glad you enjoyed them, they are exclusive with

We have three different flavors, the Cherry Limeade is must try :slight_smile: