NutraBio Curcumin Advanced Brings Bioavailability and Digestion

NutraBio Curcumin Advanced Brings Bioavailability and Digestion

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NutraBio keeps dropping some of the category-best products we’ve seen in years. February 2019 continues with January’s momentum, as the Mark Glazier-led brand released Curcumin Advanced, an ultra-bioavailable form of the all-around anti-inflammatory curcumin with some extra goodies included! Today we’ll discuss how the three-pronged bioavailability improvement helps take the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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I beleive there is 5mg of bioperine not 10mg.


You are right - 5mg of Bioperine :slight_smile:


Mine should arrive next Monday, very excited for this! I have used Life Extension Super Bio-Curcumin in the past, which uses BCM-95 Bio Curcumin Tumeric and that has worked well, usually on day 10-14 of use I noticed it. I cannot wait to see how this compares as this has some added extras and some absorption agents! I am probably the only person that gets excited about Curcumin LOL

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Be sure to let us know buddy!


Thanks for catching this, I updated the post.

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Got my Curcumin today!! Happy day! Will start it in the morning, and either post it in a log, or put updates somewhere! I may just start my own Supp thoughts log! Excited either way!

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Awesome, yeah do a few updates. I want to hear how things go with you!!

Thank you :slight_smile: