Nutrabio Classic Whey

For the Nutrabio Classic Whey, I’m about to pick up a tub after I finish up my Animal Whey, so does anyone have advice for favorite flavors and whatnot? And, any thoughts on Salted Caramel? I’m a sucker for sweet and salty but a tad skeptical of it from protein powders

Or, alternately, thoughts on Classic Whey vs. their Hydrolysate, Isolate, etc

I’m pretty sure there are way more educated people on here to answer that vs me but it literally comes down to how pure the Protein is…

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So Classic Whey is out WPC80 product. Meaning that isolates being over 90% pure, our Whey Protein Concentrate is 80% pure. With this small change in purity you get a small amount of fat and lactose, which seriously improves the flavor. The big point here is that almost NO concentrate products on the market are 80% pure alone. Since the USDA defines concentrate as between 25-89.99% pure, many companies will blend multiple grades together to lower the cost of the product. This really hits you with a lot of fat and lactose however, which will slow digestion and lead to “gastric distress” if you catch my drift. If you’re lactose intolerant, always pick a pure isolate.

Personally, I’d go with Cookies and Cream or Peanut Butter. When I do big weight cuts I can take my full liquid day with just drinking these two

I hope this helps! You can always get a much fuller answer from Mark, our CEO:


Would also be interested in flavor recommendations. Anyone try the cake batter, cookies and cream or salted caramel? @Mike didn’t you spend a whole day there and all we got was the coffee protein review? Smh

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Don’t shake it at me!!! They have the video and need to send it over to us!!

Honestly Pumpkin Spice is my favorite. Only seein it at Suppz right now

Time for them to release the tapes!! Plant tour was actually pretty interesting, but didn’t see anything posted after part 2. Just when we were getting to the good stuff

Pumpkin spice was renamed pumpkin pie and sent our as those 1lb thank yous.

The flavor video was my favorite one you guys did.

Cake batter, Lemon Meringue, Pina Colada and Horchata are my favorites.

Pumpkin Pie and Cold Brew Cappuccino were good.

Oh sorry! I’ll update this in the system


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