Nutrabio Classic Whey Lemon Cake

Nutrabio Classic Whey Lemon Cake

This is the first lemon protein I’ve tried, so didn’t know what to expect. I usually stick PES Select, since I’ve found them to be good on value as well as taste. Full disclosure, I do
have a sweet though, so if you don’t keep in mind we might not have the same preference.

7 out of 10

I would say that the taste is resembles more of a lemon tart than lemon cake, at least imo. The flavor wasn’t bad actually, I just wish it was more instense/stronger. I tried it with both water and milk(better) and it was a very mild flavor with both. I added stevia to it and that did help bring out the flavor a bit more.

10 out of 10

No issues here, blended very easily with my shaker cup. No clumps or anything like that.


6.5 out of 10

$32.99 plus shipping, which I’m sure is more than most are use to paying for a 2 pounder. I would say to keep in mind that you’re getting a high quality wpc80 with a extremely open label.

7 out 10

Maybe this flavor was tailored to those with a more sensitive palette. Like I mentioned before, I do like my protein shakes on the sweeter side, so there might be another flavor that might suit me.

PS: No GI issues, so that’s always a plus

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Actually sounds pretty good! Thanks for the review!


Awesome review man, thank for your thoughts :slight_smile:

That kinda tangy lemon flavor sounds good and definitely good stuff, glad you enjoyed it!!

Yeah, one thing to keep in mind this is one of the highest quality WPC on the market. Some people experience GI issues with WPC mostly due to low-grade WPC45 of less.

Appreciate it man!!!


Have to update this review. I’ve been using 5oz of liquid and a little bit of stevia and it really brings out the flavor. I don’t know if this gets better over time or what, but I’m digging this flavor more and more. Would rate the taste at an 8.5

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Great man, really glad your enjoying it. I really like this flavor too, mixes up great and taste is perfect. Just like a lemon cake.

Thanks for letting us know man, keep on enjoying it :slight_smile: