NutraBio Boosted Vanilla After Our Video! | Muscle Matrix Review 2

NutraBio Boosted Vanilla After Our Video! | Muscle Matrix Review 2
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I would love to try their products but they are just too expensive.


I was going to give away the old vanilla tub if you want that, but I don’t think it’d be a good representation of their stuff because it’s definitely not as good as the new one!! But if you keep that in mind, maybe we’ll hook it up to thank you for being an early poster!!

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This is so good, Awesome video and Nutrabio Muscle Matrix only gets better!


I have been very impressed with this brand, nice line of products and good ingredients in various products. I agree if the price came down they would really take control of this market. I currently use their Pre (which is loaded) and Intra.

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Pre and Intra is the perfect combo! Intra Blast Sweet Tea is the BEST!

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LOL apparently not according to @Robert!!

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Hahah…could be a southern thing, have come down for some Bojangles…I know know Ben Kane will join him for sure :wink:


Awesome. You know where to find me if you do.


I am also on board with this company… I can’t wait to try the Vanilla. I just purchased the Chocolate. Damn!

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Awesome, man glad you hear :slight_smile:

Let us know your thoughts and feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about Nutrabio!!!


Muscle Matrix is probably my favorite overall protein from NutraBio. I thought the original Vanilla was just fine. My favorite is the banana, but it is never in stock or just out of reach price wise.

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We love to hear that man, definitely appreciate the support.

Muscle Matrix is amazing stuff!!


I haven’t used Nutrabio in a while. Was using PreExtreme and really liked it. As a matter of fact I was also using Intra and SuperCarb. I’m a fan of Carbs during a workout.