NutraBio Blueberry Muffin Protein Review

NutraBio Blueberry Muffin Protein Review

Well, I got my free sample of blueberry muffin from NutraBio today. I had to try it due to all the hype about these new flavors. First, I want to thank NutraBio for the sample.
However, I must say I did not like this flavor. I thought it had very little blueberry taste, not much sweetness at all and just didn’t taste good. The smell of it was off too, not pleasant. I am glad I did not buy a tub because I would have been upset and unable to drink it all. I definitely would not buy this flavor. Sorry Nutrabio but you are 0-2 on protein flavors that I have tried.


What liquid did you use and how much? I feel like it tastes like a literal blueberry with little to no muffin flavor. Not terrible, not amazing, but no regret in buying a tub as my fiance does like it a lot.

The pancake one is my favorite, even if it’s just a maple flavor. It tastes amazing in anything.

Now the cinnamon donut flavor…meh. It’s okay in oats. No go in drink form for me.

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Sorry to hear you didn’t like the new Blueberry Muffin WPI. Haven’t seen many bad reviews like this on it, but do keep in mind this is a very pure isolate and we don’t put a bunch of extras in it to give that WPC flavor.

I agree with blongo804, I have been mixing this in Cream of Rice and its amazing.

But everyone has their own taste, so thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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I used about 6-7 ounces of cold water. I try every protein in water because if it’s good in water, you know its good in milk and with other foods.

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No problem. I appreciated the sample but I just did not like this flavor.

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I have been using whole milk since I’ve been trying to pack on some weight anyway, but I understand your logic. I imagine it’s not so great in water, as you’re saying lol.

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You would want to use around 4 oz
Its an isolate. adding more liquid would dilute the flavor.

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Almost all blueberry flavors suck and taste metallic. Maybe Ghost isn’t in this category with the Blueberry from Gaspari not as metallic but that’s my opinion. It’s a tough flavor to get to taste natural


Guess it isn’t Gaspari anymore, but when they had Precision Protein, their Blueberry Muffin was the best one I’ve had.

Eager to get my NutraBio sample so I can give this a go.


That still wouldnt have helped…LOL It just didnt taste good.


I know its a different flavor (I have not opened my Blueberry Muffin yet), but I found LIQUID MAGIC this morning in my post workout shake. 14oz Milk (2%), 2 scoops of Maple n Pancakes powder, AMAZING!

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I will take your word for it. I would try a sample but Im not buying a tub of any of their protein without trying it first. I didn’t like the 2 I tried…pumpkin pie and blueberry muffin.


@TheSolution or other’s, just got my pancakes and syrup sample, what’s the best liquid and how much to put it in? I want the best impression of my sample as possible


4oz liquid you can see it right in my video this way

I personally thought the maple was there, but the pancakes was totally lost. I thought it was their worst flavor of the 3 breakfast ones

or mix into 6oz greek yogurt (i love it this way)

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I enjoyed the Pancakes in 6oz of water, but since I started mixing 2 scoops with 14oz of Milk (2%) it took it to a whole new level for me. So the 2 scoops and milk is my new go to! Hope you enjoy it, and as @TheSolution as stated, it is a huge maple taste, pancakes, yeah not really but I love maple!!

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I just tried Pancakes and Syrup. I like it but it isn’t something I’d buy (personally) - to everyone’s point, it is just a maple flavor on vanilla base. Not saying this as a bad thing, I just didn’t get the pancake batter flavor.

It tastes very similar to Man Sport’s “Sprinkled Donut” isolate. That’s just my opinion, which isn’t worth a whole lot. : )


Hey, I like your opinion around here.


NB accidentally sent me two of the pancakes instead of the blueberry. @Kon_Rock still sending out the packs so I can try the blueberry?

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I’ll get you Blueberry man​:muscle::muscle:

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You’re the man!