NutraBio Alpha EAA’s

NutraBio Alpha EAA’s

Damn boys, really outdoing yourself as usual with the innovation. Here’s a quick review of their new Alpha EAA product. Thanks to @Kon_Rock for the hookup.

For those unaware, this is the next product for intra-workouts that they’ve put out. It includes a 8.2g dose of EAA’s (6g BCAA’s), taurine, coconut water powder, and a nice nootropic matrix. Included in this we have:
300mg Alpha GPC
500mg VitaCholine Choline Bitartrate
300mg KSM-66 Ashwagandha
50mcg Huperzine A

Wow! That is quite a nice nootropic formula if you ask me, especially for an intraworkout. I love Alpha GPC in my pre’s, such as my Genius Pre, as it’s my favorite (legal) focus ingredient. Especially for my longer (2+ hour) workouts, I find myself losing focus and getting a kind of mind fog near the end that seems to ruin the workout, no matter how good the rest of my lift was. I noticed that the nootropics in here helped extend my focus from my regular pre for the duration of even my longer workouts. The KSM-66 is also a nice touch, as it helps prevent PWO crashes for me, and it’s nice to get an extra dose of it on top of my usual daily dose.

As for flavor? Dragonfruit Candy is a winner! I know EAA’s are pretty hard to mask, and I’ve heard nootropics are no easier, so the fact this was so good to drink was fairly surprising. Maybe it was just the hype but I swear this was better than the EAA pure version. I know Cherry Lime Slush is another option for the full product, and that sounds absolutely delicious, as their cherry limeade was phenomenal. I believe they have a third, unannounced flavor as well that I’m excited for.

In addition to stacking with other choline sources, I noticed Tyrosine heavy preworkouts synergize well. This was interesting because I’ve never felt much from Tyrosine, but I’ll certainly have to experiment more with this. Next up will be trying it with the NB Pre!

As with their IntraBlast and EAAPure, Alpha EAA is yet another top notch amino product from the best 100% transparent company. I love the innovation we have here, and just when I was getting bored with Intra’s. I’ll have to pick up some tubs when this bad boy is out


Yeah man!!!

So glad you enjoyed it, this is gonna be a huge hit!
I love this stuff, and thanks for doing this man :slight_smile:

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