Nutrabio Alpha EAA Review

Nutrabio Alpha EAA Review

Nutrabio Alpha EAA Review


Dragon Fruit Candy - Dragon Fruit is a fruit that does not have a lot of flavor if you have ever eaten one. Nutrabio found a way to take the fruity kiwi based flavor and enhance it with a candy tart aftertaste. The extra hint of sweetness really shines and provides the strength needed to make this flavor burst. The sweet and sour combination makes for a unique twist on an untypical flavor. In my opinion, it is not Nutrabio’s best, but I am very partial to Cherry Limeade.


I used 14-16 oz. of water and 1 scoop to mix Alpha EAA. Usually, with a larger scoop size, there is a higher possibility of clumping and particles floating around after shaking. There was no foaming or issues with mixing the product. After 10 shakes this was totally dissolved. Nutrabio is very good with mixability across the board on all of their products even with diverse ingredient profiles.


Per Scoop:

  • 8g EAA’s (Essential Amino Acids for Recovery)

  • 300mg Alpha GPC (Cognitive Enhancer)

  • 50mcg Huperzine A (Cognitive Enhancer)

  • 500mg Vita Choline (Cognitive Enhancer)

  • 300mg KSM-66 Ashwagandha (Decreases Stress, Improves Mood, Lowers Cortisol)

  • 500mg CocoPure Coconut Water Powder (Hydration & Recovery)

  • 1.2g Taurine (Hydration & Recovery)

  • 50mg Astragin (Improves Nutrient Uptake)

Nutrabio is famous for transparent formulas. This is just another great product that has a very well dosed ingredient profile. This is a massive upgrade from EAA Pure & EAA Energy with added focus, cognitive, and memory aspects. The addition of KSM-66 helps keep cortisol levels down, fights stress, and improves mood.


Alpha EAA is due to release in late February or Early March. Until then we will have to wait and see the introduction prices, deals, and promotions Nutrabio will run.


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Love this stuff!!! Great work buddy!

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Ordered this as well…

(not that anyone asked)

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You will defiantly enjoy this man, so much positive feedback on the benefits!!!

Do let us know what you think!!


I absolutely will…
IntraBlast and Alpha EAA en route…

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Ordered the strawberry lemon ones. Best tasting supplement I’ve tried from NB. Insane work on that guys. Trying cherry lime this week as well since I got that flavor for the girl


Awesome @SteelerBill13

Our new flavor system is amazing, Mike (our flavorist) is killing it. Thanks buddy, glad you are enjoying them @Anthony

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Looking forward to it KR.

Ordered DragonFruit Candy from Amazon for IntraBlast
And Cherry Lime KR special from Suppz for EAA
(free plugs there)


I gotta show some love for the Alpha EAA flavors too. The wife and I are both loving the strawberry lemon bomb and dragonfruit candy flavors. Next level stuff!

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Appreciate it buddy :slight_smile:

We pulled out all the stops for it!

If you guys have any Nutrabio questions, always feel free to send me a message :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Hope my review helped your decision. If not I am looking forward to what I can do in my future reviews to help consumers understand the benefits of the product.



Plus I like EAA/BCAA throughout the day - and honestly until recently didn’t read through the ingredients but the addition of nootropics sold me on the concept…great great idea…

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Perfect for a non-stim (late night workout) or as you said to help keep you motivated/focused throughout the day.

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Following up on this:

I’m a fan of AlphaEAA…that was one helluva supplement. And probably more under-rated than it should be. And the Strawberry LemonBomb is really good…clean…nice work folks


Correction: I have the CherryLime…


Just tried Cherry Lime as well. Also very delicious. Great work boys


Every flavor of Alpha EAA is amazing. Really not sure which I like most… I guess dragonfruit > lemon bomb > cherry lime, but can’t go wrong with either one.


I just ordered DragonFruit Pre and have DragonFruit IntraBlast…

With all this Dragon love maybe I’ll finally start watching Game of Thrones.

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Not sure where to ask this. I’ve had a few glasses of Alpha EAA (Strawberry Lemon - Good Flavor) and every time it makes my tongue feel weird. Any idea what could cause that or if it is an issue?


Alpha GPC gives me a weird mouthfeel in every product it’s in.