Nutra-Bio Root Beer Float Flavor Whey Isolate Review

Well, I decided to give Nutra-Bio another chance. You know I have been hard on their protein flavors but they have just not tasted good at all. But when I saw this flavor, root beer float, I had to try it. I like these unique flavors and I love the real thing! The video is above if you want to watch it. I will give a brief overview of my opinions…

Mix-ability - Very good as is expected of a whey isolate.
Texture - Very good as is also expected of a whey isolate.
Smell - Very good. A strong root beer smell that you get as soon as you remove the seal.
Taste - Good. I did enjoy it however, I feel it needed a stronger root beer taste. For having a strong smell of root beer, the taste of root beer did not deliver as expected. I do prefer the taste of JYM’s root beer float protein better. It had a better root beer flavor. However, JYM protein is a blend and it has a gritty or thick texture that you can’t get rid of. If you can combine the JYM flavor and the Nutra-Bio texture, you would have the best root beer float flavor protein.
Price - I think its a bit pricey for comparable proteins on the market. Knock a few bucks off and it would be a much better bang for the buck.

See, Mike and Ben, I do finally approve of at least one Nutra-Bio flavor…:slight_smile:

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Awesome review man, appreciate this very much!!!

Like you mentioned the lighter rootbeer flavor but the intention of our flavoring was to encapsulate more of the entire float taste and feel. I know many people go into this think just rootbeer but the finish on this is perfect float. I know that smell is amazing though :smiley:

I have yet to try to make this into a frozen float treat, but I’m curious on the feel there.

But awesome man, and glad to hear you approve :smiley:

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I bet this would be awesome to make as a frozen treat. Great idea. I will be trying this.

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Yeah man, I’m gonna have to do it here soon. :beer::grin:

Flavor sounds good but I just can’t justify 40$ for 2 lbs to pull the trigger.


other than protein bars/cookies, what do you really buy?

other than an RTD, nothing here

I’m a fan of the Pancake and Syrup flavor…especially in Oats…Old school maple flavored is the best way to describe it…

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I still buy new items when they peak my interest.
Just yesterday I bought some Ghost Pump War Heads Flavor to try out.

You mean sour Warheads?

Sour patch kids is just for the BCAA’s
or you talking about the redberry legend?

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Yeah that’s the one.
You can tell how much I pay attention to their flavor names.

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