Now Micronized Creatine Monohydrate 500 grams - $12.99

With the crazy creatine prices lately this looked like a decent price. I didn’t do any price comparisons or research. Just grabbed a couple tubs and some Citrulline Malate and hit the eject button.


Thank you for posting. Superb deal

Got my product today, not even short dated

Damn, that was quick. You must live on the west coast or something. I ordered on Sunday and the last update on UPS was departed Anaheim, CA on the 24th, with a Saturday delivery date.

Now if those damn Muscletech EuphoriQ samples would show up. But at this point I doubt they show up at all, LMAO. @Devin_Foley was that stuff worth the hype?

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Yes, I’m West coast so shipping only took two days.

As for the pre, it was ok. Nothing special

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