NOT Worth The Price! 🤑 | Onnit Grass Fed Whey Protein Review

NOT Worth The Price! 🤑 | Onnit Grass Fed Whey Protein Review



I do like Onnit but cannot agree more - they had a Hemp Protein that was delicious but ridiculously expensive…


Quick follow up on this…

Personally I have used AlphaBrain, NewMood and ShroomTech Sport. Plus admittedly I do have a few of their t-shirts.

Joe DeFranco has some clients there and I’ve read that there is an affiliation between Exos and Onnit now. So they do train some pretty high level athletes. I’m not Mr. Natural myself…but they do have some good products, but Dear God some are astronomically expensive for what you do indeed get.


They’re big in the MMA community, sponsor a lot of athletes. Surprised they don’t have anything with CBD, Joe Rogan is not shy about his support.


Yup they sponsor a ton of huge names in MMA. Can’t justify the prices though. Corners them to a specific and small market but I suppose that’s what they want to do.


I’ve never seen an Onnit product that I’m a fan of. Their formulas are just kinda decent, but overly prop blended. And they charge a premium for them like they’re top of the line shit. They kinda remind of cellucor in that regard.


Never heard of them


Onnit website:


Probably because the FDA’s already sent out warning letters and it’s a risky proposition for a company so successful. They have something to lose.

This year should be big in terms of questions “Can CBD be sold as a supplement and what is the definition of ‘marijuana’ per the controlled substances schedule???”