Noopept and DMAE

Noopept and DMAE


Have any of you guys used this stack before? I saw this was going to be in the GC Loco preworkout and was curious how these two work together. I think he used a 30 mg noopept and 750 DMAE stack in there. I guess the thought is the DMAE is supposed to stack with the noopept of avoid the headache some receive when using noopept without a choline source. Thoughts?


We won’t know about that preworkout because it is not coming to the market under the Myoblox name


But I do believe it has something to do with the “Brain Fog”. I have not read over the research in a little bit so I may be completely wrong. I would love if someone put me in my place if I am incorrect


Thanks! I think you are right, thats what I have heard. Just looking to see what others know or think.


DMAE is a cheap choline source, so it is being used as the choline source for this product.

Noopept uses up choline in the brain, so if you use too much of it without a choline source it causes headaches and brain fog.


If you’ve tried noopept with any other choline source you should have a good idea.