Newest Ghost BCAA Flavors | Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids!

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Aggghhhh video is down…

Ugh upload problems. Wanted to be first up on the race! Not sure why the system auto-posted it though!!

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Good review. I love Swedish Fish…but ‘bruh…they need to come out with Swedish Fish EAA’s bruh…’

In all seriousness I may get this just for the flavor alone. Gains be damned

MAN Sports Iso-Amino Sweet Delish was very good flavor, still maybe on Amazon for sale


They are both legit and taste exactly as claimed. Ghost smashed the flavors. Hopefully we see it in Pump and Legend :slight_smile:

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I would run to Ghost HQ wherever that is…and grab it if that were the case.


Then I won’t have to run far…

Since filming that review I haven’t bothered with Sour Patch because I’m still trying to “figure out” Swedish Fish. I’ve had 3 scoops since then. Even if I didn’t know what Swedish Fish were, I’d be all over this because it’s so different


My tubs are arriving today. I’m looking for any reason to leave work early today…

You do not know what Swedish Fish are…
Mike have you lived under a rock?

Swedish Fish are in the HOF of candy…although his video would indicate that he loved Swedish Fish…maybe he needs a nootropic

He said “EVEN IF I didn’t know what they were”


Thanks for the save @Caribou

Clearly I know what Swedish Fish are, I now have the video evidence to prove it!

And yes, I ate that entire bag on Tuesday. No ragrats


I don’t like Swedish Fish, and as a result, I’m not a huge fan of the BCAA. I like it, but I’d buy other flavors/brands.

Sour Patch on the other hand is incredible!