New supplement thread

New supplement thread

Yup i am one of those people that BA works well for. I have found that it works best on consistent daily use! In my SR days, I tested some straight BA products and enjoyed them. Like anything else works for some and not all! The ball just keeps on bouncing!


Updated Spazmatic released

Got this on the GNC price mistake. Pleasantly surprised, unique flavor to mix it up

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Grenade getting into the Energy Drink Market with a BCAA infused beverage

250mg of taurine, vitamins, electrolytes for hydration
500mg n-acetyl-l-tyrosine
1.5g BCAA’s
155mg Caffeine

Flavor – Original (Fruity Taste)

UK and Europe only ATM

Oatmeal Cream Pie New flavor for Purus Labs Ketofeed

I’ve got a few review coming for you fine gentlemen.

-CP Carnitine (all flavors)
-Axe & Sledge Hydraulic and The Grind (Freedome flavor)
-Axe & Sledge Home Made Meal Replacement (Sweet Potato Pie and Double Chocolate Brownie)
-Outright Bar Toffee

****EDIT: AND CP new Fuel flavors.

Spoiler - Home Made is one of the best protein/meal replacement drinks I’ve tasted.

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You get the new Fuel flavors I sent ya yet? Let me know if they got lost I’ll send again

@Matt_Towson just emailed you. Very timely post…

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Holiday Themed Bang Energy is on the way soon!


whenever it drops I’ll get a case and get a review up

Nothing beats Holiday “Super Creatine!”


New Redcon1 BAR coming soon
PB Puffs

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I smell peanut butter…

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Hopefully those taste better than the others…


I personally think the MRE has tastes better but I’m not a huge fan of the profile

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Chocolate and Cinnamon weren’t bad but why would anyone pay $35 for these with so many options out there

A majority of the Redcon1 line is very overpriced unless you catch them on their BOGO deals they run a few times a year when it would be best to pick them up. That is the best time to try their new items unless they are LE

I concur!

You tried it? I’m a fan of sweet potato and it’s my favorite, but brownie indeed tastes just like brownie batter.

have you had the redcon mre sweet potato? curious if its worth it

Jan 1

Merica Labz to Launch their gainer “Super Size”


Fruity Rubbles
Chubby Fluffy Nuts