New supplement thread

New supplement thread

I first opened both keto Products and did not read each individual ingredient.
I read the sub categories of each profile, did not look at the breakdown under the matrix’s with the amounts.

A lot of the products are under-dosed in a lot of aspects which would turn me away from using them. Plus the price is steep

5g Aminos, 3g Creatine and 2g Glutamine for $40 a container. Yeah… Thats pushing it for what you can buy at $40 for a much better profile and extra additions included (OG Xtend Elite in particular is the same price but offers far more)

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looks like Mike Mentzer


Nutrabio to Launch a new brand called ETHIX:

ETHIX stands for Efficacy, Transparency, Honesty and Integrity cross.
ETHIX will be a brick and mortar exclusive brand from NutraBio that will launch with 2-3 products
Up to 12 total products planned for the future.

First 3 Products:
High stimulant pre-workout
A fully dosed pump product
Powdered thermogenic (fat burner)

NEW From Nutrabio:
Bioperine & Astrain mixture to help uptake of ingredients.


OHHHHHHH, this is exciting!

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NutraBio is on a bit of a roll…good for them.

#6076 sour patch redberry


Nice call ^^^^


Lobliner stated on his IG Story

  • S’mores Outright Bar 2-3 Weeks Away
  • New Reformulation to Clash

Surprised he has time for things like this with how he’s milking the Shawn Rhoden situation on YouTube :thinking:

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He does Q&A’s multiple times a week on his IG Story. He leaks a lot of information through them when customers ask about new items, products, or apparel.


I know. Used to watch them.

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Let’s be honest. We all have at some point…

Just like all of us who compete have probably tuned into RXmuscle for our fair share of content… I still enjoy Dave Polumbo’s Q&A show. Lots of Lolz to be had.

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Sorry @SteelerBill13, still has Norvaline in it :drooling_face:


He’s a content guy alongside his marketing, so of course he was going to touch on that! Haha look at everyone else, I think Aaron Singermans Instagram post about Kai Green competing in the Olympia now was in poor taste, but I understand all content makes an impact


Damn and I really like Ghost Legend…For as far as I remember

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2 new bars dropping Monday from redcon1

S’mores MRE

Coco-Crisp BAR


Sadly, RedCon1 has completely fallen off my radar as a brand. Never even think of them when recommending products or browsing around for myself


Have to agree on this! I actually don’t even pay attention to anything they do anymore other than occasionally picking up an mre bar


I enjoy their Test Booster - because of the vitamin D dose and it does noticeably improve my libido.

But to the point of most, there aren’t any products from the brand I’d spend dollars on.


they keep using shitty beef protein and I’ll keep ignoring them