New supplement thread

New supplement thread


I guess i have an A1 warehouse in the next door apartment or something.

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You the man! :sunglasses: GOAT flavor.


For anyone with questions on CG3 Legend Pre-Workout
Ghost breaksdown the entire formula in their latest YT Video
Launches tomorrow at 12 central

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S’mores Peanut Butter

ETA 6 Weeks away

Next Outright Bar


New Nutrabio Friday
Strawberry Shortcake Whey


That photo looks marvellous

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Damn that looks good

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Marc is absolutely crushing it with those bars…


Hey guys check out this fuckin awesome full spectrum muscle building formula i found on Amazon


You know what’s funny? I haven’t taken creatine in over a month and I feel like I can’t even notice a difference. Also sticking to very little red meat (2x a week at most).

What gives?!?!


I was with you until the red meat part. You and I are very different people, Matt.

(Also strictly anecdotally i don’t notice anything at 3-5g/day, 8-10g/day i do. Does the science support that? Probably not.)


Haha! I love red meat - it’s just an experiment. Trying to clean my gut as best I can and I’m utilizing whey and eggs/egg whites as my primary protein sources.

I will say that my waste-line seems to be tighter. I’ve done DNA testing to determine my ideal diets and because I’m Italian, my body seems to respond best to Mediterranean diet styles. That sucks, because I’m not he biggest fish fan, veggie fan, or olive oil fan. Haha.
Oh well!


Using any GDA to help? I notice berberine really cleans me out personally


I eat red meat maybe one time a week. A majority of the clients I work with I limit it greatly. It is very notorious for bloating and GI distress because it is harder to breakdown. The older I get the more I find how hard it is to digest, so I cut it almost totally and stick to chicken, whey, and eggs as my main sources.

Some people can handle it great, some on the other hand, not so much. If you have money getting a food intolerance test will truly show you what your body can process & handle. I ever had a few clients who were allergic to coffee and banana’s, and yet they would eat them constantly and never listen to their bodies. LOL


I’d probably still drink coffee even if i were allergic :slightly_frowning_face:


I have actually reduced my consumption to 1-2x a week and my digestion feels light years better. The body is a crazy thing, but it is nice to experiment and see how you react to different sources by playing the elimination game. learn something new everyday sometimes. Digestion and gut health is easily one of the top things overlooked in the industry or fitness community. So many people eat sources that don’t settle well, but continue to do so because they deem them “Clean”, OR because they hire a coach who tells them to only eat X,Y,Z on a cookie cutter plan, and wonder why their body rejects the sources they eat, have trouble with bowel movements etc.

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Guess the vertical diet and its love of red meat isn’t for everyone.


Books and Diets are simply guidelines. How one responds will greatly differ.
If it all worked, we would all eat the same diet, do the same training, and get the same results.
I wish it was that easy!

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You mean it’s not??!! Social media makes it seem so simple :rofl: